Train of Thoughts

The Ugly Writers encourages people to share their thoughts and express themselves about certain topics that really hits the spot.

Inner Strength

All of us have a story of greatness. Inspiring stories of a remarkable show of character is what April is all about.

The theme Inner Strength features thoughts by everyday people like you and me. You could not imagine how creative and vibrant the minds of these seemingly normal individuals. And that is what makes us The Ugly Writers. We believe that everyone should be given a chance to share their thoughts.

Me, Myself and I

Great stories don’t always have a definitive protagonist or antagonist. Some great untold stories are all about internal conflicts. These are stories that take place not on picturesque locale but on the depths of one’s self.

Me, Myself and I is a collection of stories, poems, and essays about self-discovery, existentialism, and identity.

Black and Blue

Black and Blue is our gentle reminder that the pain, the darkness will eventually pass. That peace and the light awaits us in every tunnel we go through. The theme aims to welcome these not so desirable sensations and make both the writers and readers learn that such feelings are what really makes us human.

The Ugly Writers believe that there is beauty in everything – including our own darkness.


Our theme this month is Inner Strength

The first of my poems

It's not difficult to hunt down facts and uncover the truth where it comes from someone not promoting shame but is only trying to regain their identity. This is a burden without purpose, bearing it solely, because it was their soul, and they shared. I still have my voice.


I choose to live each day to fullest, to seek out others who choose to do the same and share my faith. That is where my true inner strength is found. A confidence in what I hope for, yet can not see.

And The Song Played On

Life took over after graduation. I was ready to conquer the world. We lost touch and I had never really thought about him. But sometimes, he would cross my mind. There was one time he asked me out and I could not go. I was out of town and he was in Manila for a short time. Darn. The stars were not aligning for us.

The Value of Work

“How dull it is to pause, to make an end, To rest unburnished, not to shine in use! As though to breathe were life!”

Own who you are

I am a caterpillar about to blossom into a butterfly I am brave, I am strong I am wise, though sometimes wrong I am different, I am unique


To tell the story of ourselves to ourselves.To play God.To make the story come out the way we would rather have it rather than the way it was.To have something you can do in your underwear and without having to shave.To stop the voices in our heads.

It Just Arrived

As soon as my shoulders began to relax into a comfortable slouch -the instant I dropped my hypervigilance -forgetting for that brief respite; that you broke my heart

When She Cries

I saw her strength when things got ill I thought she cannot stand still. But there she was, With all heads up.


I'm here, always here, and he's there, staring,always glaring, forever daring me to move.But no, no, no, I won't, I cannot.. I have neither

Human Traffic Light

There will be a time that you guys won’t see me working properly. I may run out of energy or get too old to work justly.

Breaking The Standards

There are options for everyone. Let us stop shaming people for the decisions that they have taken upon themselves and try our hand at living our own lives.

Shut It Down

Shut down the sadness The loneliness The worry All of the rage The hurt and the fear There isn’t any need You shouldn’t want any of it