Our theme this month is Breaking Boundaries


Saying goodbye is really painful. But sometimes, that is what we really need to move on. A goodbye breaks us yet allows us to be whole again.

Lessons from a Penguin

On my last training ride on the Cannon Valley Trail, the web site said it was 20 miles one way, but my odometer said it was 30.  It looked like 30; it felt like 30, and I wanted it to be 30, but I was wrong.  When facts point in one direction, and your opinion points in the opposite direction, you would be wise to yield to the facts.

The Tzadik

The summary also indicates that some of the prophecies extend to modern times, the Mets winning the 1969 World Series (Men will strike round balls with round sticks, and the least of the ball strikers will be first 5730 - 1969) and the Moon landing

Self Over Matter

Your life is a treasure if you learn to take care of it. Choosing yourself is not an option, it is a priority.  I finally choose myself over anything.

Thank you

No, I don't wish for you to find happiness in someone else's arms nor would permit you to have and take a sweet smile other than mine. I will not allow you to make dreams without me, never. That's how I am, I am selfish.


Forcing you to love me again is a kind of cruelty. But, destroying me for just loving you is a melancholy.  A metamorphosis had landed into your heart. A typical disease sugarcoated by an aesthetic art.

Adorned With Perfection

You illuminate with grace Across Andromeda’s face. Like the cedars of Lebanon Flourishing in their perfection, That’s where your heart is Without envy nor deception.

Countless Possibilities

We have countless possibilities. Different destinies, different endings. Countless choices, countless results. We get bad decisions in life that we can't turn back to change, instead we face the consequences and live with it.

Rose Shaped Freedom

Humans are cruel but nature is kind. A rose that was growing nearby, heard her wish and felt brokenhearted when she saw her smother her cries in her hands.

Price Tag

Objectifying women like putting a price tag on them is chauvinistic at best. It doesn't add value to them but rather make them feel belittled and underestimated.

The Great Pretender

About people hiding behind their masks - a great pretender, a person who pretends to be someone they are not, hinders themselves of true happiness.

Into You

Taking a chance with love is daunting. You risk it all without any promise of payout. Into You tells a story of breaking boundaries by leaving the comfort zone.