Unexpected Life

Unexpected Life is an essay written by CesarR Banaag Jr and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Catharsis: Healing Through Narrative for the month of June   Unexpected Life   This is something I didn’t expect, Suddenly everything…

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Mare Tama Na – Martina

Sa tanghalia'y hapag ko ang bigat ng konsensiyang pasan-pasan ng dib-dib kong naninikip. Kailan sila titigil? Hindi ko batid. Paulit-ulit, nakakasira, nakakapundi.
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A Single Note From My Heart

Minsan, tanggap mo nalang na lagi kang failure. Pero bakit? Bakit palagi nalang? Bakit ang iba ang saya-saya kasi nakuha na nila yung happiness nila sa buhay? Bakit yung iba, simple ang buhay pero napakasaya? Bakit ako? Nabibili ko na ang nais ko.
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As He Smokes

He tries to assure himself that he's not but he can't, all evening he cries himself to sleep asking why was he too much of a good thing and too terrible for a bad thing
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You Have To Look

Perspective is everything. How many times do we ignore reality because it makes us uncomfortable? Sometimes we need to listen to the noise, and sometimes we need to see the obvious.
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Mom’s Luggage

Unfortunately, a flood of water seeping in the basement of her old rambler home ruined the luggage set and they had to be thrown in the trash. She was sorry to see them go.

Puppeteers & Bunnies

Dress up your needs by all means in any style you like but remember not because you refuse to be a bunny you can’t eventually mutate into a puppeteer. We are not guitar heroes to play notes as they are thrown at us from others’ music sheets.