Train of Thoughts

The Ugly Writers aim to encourage people to share their thoughts and express themselves about certain topics that really hits the spot.

Beauty and Chaos

The theme Beauty and Chaos is about how life can be beautiful (or ugly). This aims to inspire people that no matter how chaotic life can be, there is always something good to look forward to at the end of the tunnel. That behind every chaos lies beauty.
This May, we present short stories, essays, poems, or blogs that depict grand aesthetics, organized chaos, seemingly impossible challenges, hardships, success and failures, and anything in between

Inner Strength

All of us have a story of greatness. Inspiring stories of a remarkable show of character is what April is all about.

The theme Inner Strength features thoughts by everyday people like you and me. You could not imagine how creative and vibrant the minds of these seemingly normal individuals. And that is what makes us The Ugly Writers. We believe that everyone should be given a chance to share their thoughts.

Me, Myself and I

Great stories don’t always have a definitive protagonist or antagonist. Some great untold stories are all about internal conflicts. These are stories that take place not on picturesque locale but on the depths of one’s self.

Me, Myself and I is a collection of stories, poems, and essays about self-discovery, existentialism, and identity.


Our theme this month is Beauty and Chaos

Code Breaker

PK hadn’t slept much in the past few days. Might even be longer, but he wasn’t sure. Not that he cared. No, sir, this pill stuff had to be solved right soon so he could get on with the mission.

Letting Go

I dreamt I saw you. Perhaps I did see you in the distance of my imagination. And I caught the moment stilled in shock and held on to it.

The Wrong End

Most times gun violence happens one side cries about the wasted lives, the senseless tragedy and the other cries about the lost opportunity. If only somebody else had a gun, then the game would have changed. The rules would have been different. It is a dangerous situation, but, somehow, the argument goes, the gunman with good intentions will prevail.


My mind went blank I want to scream. My hands trembled is this a dream? Goodbye my love, I'm sorry. This is a tragic story.

Purple Love

Those purple flowers to igloo Covering us from this world, Where you can only feel me and I only you, None disturbs us, we make true love.

The things I wanted to say

I always fall for everything and let it destroy me; It’s my fault after all, but I still hope that one day I will find a person who won’t ever hurt me.

Chaos and Sweet Misery

Her mind was occupied with a sweet misery.Or you can say a loving memory of someone she loved with pure soul.The ‘nobody’ of her life.

Farewell, My Prince

Farewell, My Prince I couldn’t remember what day it was. It was just one of those boring Saturday nights. Another week was over. I just had to kill time before going back to the daily Read more…


It always starts the same with your name it has to it has to because it's the only thing that is true


Didn’t know that this time would come, I can be who I really am. I didn’t need to pretend just to impress you, Because I know whatever happens, You’ll accept me for who I am.

Wild Flower

Never back down in love I believe For in love we all bleed till it satisfies With little dirt on me with little lit inside me

In Funeral

How can you not cry in a funeral? How can you not cry? How can you not ask yourself if people would come to yours? How can you not question life when parents bury their child?