the ugly writer

Proof of Life

I’m stressed but read on to know why. And oh, this is my proof of life! I’m stressed out of my mind! Oops. Let’s rewind for a bit and let me start from the beginning. It has been almost six…

the ugly writers

Gravel Road

Sweet darling, I'm grateful  For the sundowns we shared.  I cannot shepherd you 'til the end
the ugly writers

Shadows and Light

Light comes in layers. Bright, revealing, glare that cast shadows. Shadows that seem even darker because of the light.
the ugly writers


My wounded soul is stuck in this pattern of fancying people like him, never ready to love back.
the ugly writers


We create so many masks  so many masks to hide behind, to hide our faces to hide ourselves.
the ugly writers


You are unique, precious, and rare indeed,  Respect your body, its strength and its need.
the ugly writers

Embers of Hope

Separated from the familiar comforts of family and home, I have felt the winds of change transforming the whispers of the wilderness into secrets that only its rugged terrain could decipher