Beautypreneur Pregnancy Beauty Secrets Revealed!

BEAUTYPRENEUR ANTOINETTE NISCE-NGO’S PREGNANCY BEAUTY SECRETS REVEALED! Nisce Skin Medispa, a chain of skin care & wellness centers in the country, VP/COO/International Licensed Aesthetician Antoinette Nisce-Ngo has been appearing at various events lately, putting her growing baby bump on display in cute dainty dresses and skirts—like the Tory Burch paisley dress she sported to its…

the ugly writers

Beneficial Unrealism

To Master Expectations, we do need to develop the ability to be able to absolutely, with complete 100% conviction, Expect the improbable and unlikely. Perhaps we know from experience when by chance, we had such Expectations, and they were met, it is something that *Can* happen.

the ugly writers

December 1st

I am LITERALLY a whole different person than I was in 2017. Last year taught me humility, and this year taught me courage. Last year was life-changing, but this year was redemption. I never thought I could still go back to being the old, happy, confident girl that I used to be.