the ugly writers

A Fever Story

I realized I wasn’t at home because the old analog clock with the numbers of a dozen different colors wasn’t there to welcome me from my sleep. It stays on the far wall to my left and always tells me…
the ugly writers

Not Here

Went back inside and checked the table. Milk glass perspiring, grease setting on the plate bed. I frown. Checked the bath, dry, only the warm sunlight basking in. Ran up and down the hallway. What's wrong?
the ugly writers

Home For The Holidays

These 20 years of family gatherings came to an abrupt end when my mother-in-law passed away in 1993, and my father-in-law passed away two years later.   We eventually established new family traditions, but we all remember that special unplanned Christmas gathering…
the ugly writers

Truant Reality

You can run around chasing your pen or have your pen chase your thoughts but never forget nobody can help you command your pen or wield it the way you do.
the ugly writers

Golden Giant

He let me take this sword to fly towards a new golden paradise: The huge golden lotus floated leisurely- I flew among the skies, for a thousand miles.
the ugly writers


Told myself you are a mediocre and I’m just enjoying. But see, you are diligent, entrusted your past to me Promised you’ll wait and we’ll live happily.

Sit With Me In The Dark

I wanted to scream so loud, but I don't want anyone to hear my heart breaking any more than it does. And I just want to calm the chaos on my mind. Even just for a second.