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the ugly writers


June 12, 2024
Bata palang ako tila namamalimos na ‘ko ng pagkakataon na sana ako naman yung nasa tabi ng mga magulang ko, sana ako naman yung inaalagaan nila, at kasama sa araw-araw. Sana hindi ko kinailangan na malayo sa kanila dahil malungkot.
the ugly writers

I Choose You

June 10, 2024
“It’s not like I wanted to but I couldn’t. Anyway, you better go now. It’s getting late. It’s nice to see you again.”
the ugly writers


June 7, 2024
My head is empty so is this tomb I live in no shiny pebbles with me
the ugly writers


June 5, 2024
Water and oil don’t mix.  Not much use trying to fix.
the ugly writers

Own Your Light

June 3, 2024
Unless they walk in your shoes I bet they’ll struggle to take a step But you dance past the finish line
the ugly writers

My Bucket Hat

May 29, 2024
She, that’s right, my bucket hat is a “she,” her unwavering loyalty lets me use her shield for my crown chakra.