the ugly writers

Episode 1115

I can’t stay still My mind’s running back and forth I’m tossing and turning How long has it been? 5 minutes? 10? An hour?
the ugly writers

An open letter

I am indeed a different person now, I can say that I've been stronger, braver and wiser. Well, no not stronger, to tell you honestly, I am still longing for your presence.


all i can see are losers. losers who adore losers. we all are a bunch of sad faces who are regrets in this world. there are no victors.
the ugly writers

My Hidden Talent

Every human being has the capacity to pray.  If your prayer life needs reviving, give it some CPR: Compassion, Persistence and Revelation.
the ugly writers


Pagbitaw is a tagalog poem written and shared by Vanessa Enfectana to The Ugly Writers for the month of March 2020.   Pagbitaw   Nakatitig sayong mga mata Malinaw na nakikita Pero nandyan ka pa nga bang talaga O nadadala…
the ugly writers


I look up to the people who believe in somehow hopeful; people who feel everything intensely, and allow themselves to feel that way,
the ugly writers


She's by herself - alone And then she realized that it's okay. Because the moon, It may be alone, but still has a purpose.
the ugly writer

Old Pages

Do you still remember those memories we had? Are you still telling others about me? It's just sad how this story of us becomes a legend.


Enchanted   Have you ever watched the sunset? I bet there’s a melancholic feeling as another day is finally coming to it’s end. An orangy sky with a seabed of white and gray clouds that keeps on passing by. The…
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Revelation XXII

Deep inside I feel regret For living a life of so much neglect. I walked…I talked…I joined a race But so close to the finish line, I fell flat on my face….