​Remax 195HB

Remax 195HB is your all-around over-the-ear Bluetooth headset that provides good comfy feel when worn.

Remax 195HB is your all-around over-the-ear Bluetooth headset that provides good comfy feel when worn.

Let’s check out the specs:

* Bluetooth 4.1

* A2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.4,  HFP 1.6 and HSP 1.2

* 10 meter radio frequency range

* 20 –  20 Khz

* 2 hours charging time

* Hi-fi 

The device is not sweat resistant so you definitely have to be mindful of the build up around your ear. That aside, let’s check out the advantages.

* it can be converted to a wired headphone by simply plugging in the audio jack.

* it has a premium build. It’s a mix of leather and steel. Perfect for both work and play.

* you can actually make calls on it. It doesn’t need a mic the protrude on the cheeks. It makes use of a multi-directional (omni) mic.

* it is battery efficient. You can spend a whole day of music on it or 14 hours on calls.

* lastly,  you can simultaneously have it connect on two devices. Yes, you read it right, you can pair it with two smartphones/android tv/laptop.

I tried to pair it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and played my Spotify Playlist. It was crisp and the reverb was enough to make any hardcore audiophiles give a thumbs up. Tried it on my iPhone 6+ to make calls and it did. You can double the loudness of the speaker by maxing it on your phone and maxing it again on the dedicated volume button on the head piece. It is not advisable though.

For the hardcore use of this device, I paired it on both Note 5 AND iPhone 6+ and played Spotify on the Note. The quality did not change. Then I had my dad call my iPhone and answered it. The playback paused and I started hearing my dad on the other end. The transition was so fluid you would think it came from the same device.

For the price, the Remax 195HB is a great buy, especially if you have two smartphones with you.

SRP: 2,500php

You can buy one from Amazon.

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