Book Review: February 29th by Frank McCaughey

TITLE: February 29th

AUTHOR: Frank McCaughey

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to the Author Frank McCaughey


The original review contains spoilers so i have to cut down some of it here (sorry about that!). If you want to read the whole review here is the link:

“It is a gift to you, but what it gives it takes. And if your greatest dream comes true then your nightmares will come true too.”

For me I love how well written this book is. I love how Frank’s the one who tells the story. How he describes things, people and events happening to him and his family. There is no confusion whatsoever on my part as a reader. I perfectly ease myself into the story and I love the story itself (wait till you finished the book and let me tell you I was in shock in a good and sad way though!). It was unputdownable, I couldn’t stop myself from reading the book (the only time I did was when I was working and sleeping and doing some other things haha!). This book was so interesting and there isn’t any dull moment for me, even when Frank was just sooooo talkative and I want to know more about Jimmy too but Frank just keeps on talking and talking but I don’t care because I love them both to pieces. They are not perfect kids but you gotta adore them and I tell you they’re perfectly imperfect for me. You just got to love them.

Let me tell you something about the characters:

Frank – Basically he is the storyteller. He is this very talkative kid who I think is just hyper and who doesn’t get enough sleep. His parents are worriedly sick about him and his sleeping habits. He loves his twin brother and he is fascinated with Mr. Blake who lives just across their home and who owns this fantabulous sweet shop. He likes to eat sweets and chocolate cakes! He loves their dog Betty and was kind of liking this girl from school Anabelle who happens to have a lisp.

Jimmy – Franks twin brother who is mute but he is somewhat one strong kid who fights for his brother who is being bullied by a kid named Max. I so like Jimmy he is a ray of sunshine for the family and I don’t know but he is very nice and loving. He is my favorite character other than Frank. I think he is also drawn to the sweet shop owner. He is brave and the only thing he wants is for himself to be able to talk.

Mr. Blake – Mr. Blake was the sweet shop owner who is Dr. Barry Lake for real. Wait till you got to the last part of the book and see for yourself who these people really are in real life. I don’t wanna spoil you by letting me tell you the real story. But I badly wanted to tell you so that I have someone to talk with haha!

The twins parents David and Jean – Honestly at some point I was annoyed with the twins dad, really! But you see married couples do have problems, sometimes that it affects their children and sometimes it’s just so hard for them to cope up with what’s happening with their family. At the end you will see the true nature of the Dad. The end though it fascinates me..

Mr. Murray – The Scotts’ neighbor who was one of the yellow-eyed people but that was in the other side of the story, at the end I feel so sorry for Mr. Murray for what happened and I know he is also sorry because for all he know it is just an accident. And glad that He and Frank you know patch things up.

“The loss of a loved one does not get any smaller. You just have to try and make your world bigger.”

AHHHHH!! If only I could tell you the whole story right now, You will understand what the hell February 29th means. I was about on the last 15% of the book when I felt how broken my heart feels as I read what really happens and what Frank is going through.. I cry my heart out and my eyes too. I cried so much for the twins. I cried for Frank I just couldn’t. Everything that he feels I feel it too.. Arggghhh but it turned out everything went well in the end. Frank got to accept what did happen but we all know that it is very hard to forget and that He will always remember.

All in all I’d give this book 5 stars, the story was engaging and it leaves a mark for me at least. If only, but things happen beyond our grasp and sometimes we just gotta learn to accept everything even if it so hard. Everything will be okay in the end, no matter how it takes, there is always someone who will love you and be there for you to help you with what you’re going through. In this book Frank does get that with the people who extends so much help for him like his parents and Mr. Barry Lake.

There is no doubt you’ll enjoy reading this one as much as I do!! Please please anyone if you happen to come across a copy of this PLEASE DO READ and engage in the life of the twins.  ^^

I don’t know if there is an available copy of the book here as this is the first published book of the author. But, nevertheless please enjoy if you happened to be reading this now or if you come across a copy. This is pretty good and very entertaining plus the fact that it did made me cry buckets so yeah!


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