Book Review: Talk Back and You’re Dead! by Alesana Marie


TITLE: Talk  Back and You’re Dead!

AUTHOR: Alesana Marie

RATING: ☆☆ (2/5)

There was a time that the hype for reading wattpad stories was just unbelievable and admit it or not almost everyone was so into it (I’m not included though), that everywhere you look there’s just a number of people reading them. Yes, they’re being published here and there. The craze for anything wattpad was just crazy.

So, someone i knew send this particular wattpad story who was published as a complete book already. I joined the bandwagon and was quite excited to read this, add to that was the cover, gwapo ng nasa cover di ba?

As you can see, parts of this review was written in Tagalog (most of it, almost haha) at ito na ata yung isa sa pinakamahaba kong nagawang review so bear with me, because that is one of my few rules in reviewing, when a book is written in Filipino or if it is a local read written by a Filipino author, I usually write reviews in tagalog. So, let’s roll.

To be honest, I am not really a fan of wattpad books/stories or whatevers. pero bibigyan ko ito ng chance. so everyone dont get mad ha, I am not a professional reviewer or whatsoever of some sort, i just have to write what my gut tells me.

Cliché much? This reminds me of boys over flowers, meteor garden… Anyway anyhow anywho this review is just my opinion so wag po tayo magagalit okay? For me, it’s just a matter of preference.. saka I stopped this around 300+ in pages, itong kopya na nakuha ko is around 800+ pages, binasa ko ito maybe because nacurious lang talaga ako kay Pendleton. haha at gusto ko man tapusin pero naa–ahh!! next time perhaps??

Ok! Well for a beginner so far okay naman, ang kapal nga eh so talagang binigyan ito ng oras,
panahon, pawis at dugo. Kudos sa author dahil nagkaroon sya ng chance na maipublish itong book na ito.

So, itong book na ito is very much relatable lalo na sa mga high school teeny bopper girls and boys.. Top? I pictured him as this ruggedly handsome chinito looking egotistic hearthrob guy na pagkakaguluhan ng mga high school girls tipong parang si Gu Jun Pyo at Dao Ming Su lang talaga ang peg. Si Samantha? Isang tipikal na mayamang dalagita obviously syempre bida so dapat maganda.

Meron lang akong di mga nagustuhan na mga parts/moments/actions na sa tingin ko OA, minsan OK.

Here is the list so halo-halo na ito:

1. Do you wanna die? You wanna die bitch? F*ck! Shit! Die! – whatever.. lage ko nababasa. wala na ba ibang  sasabihin si TOP kundi ang mga ito? tapos lage sya galit? to the point na minsan annoying na.

2. Baket lage nagtititili tong si Sam sa umpisa. puro waaahhhhh, kyaaahhh!!!.. OA lang haha. (sorry i just find her kinda OA) at sorry OA talga sya.

3. Crazy Trios? hmm crazy nga sila at kakaiba trip nila sa buhay. kulang na lang sila yung maging kontrabida at bully sa istorya pero hindi kasi kasama sila nung bida so hindi at makukulit sila, minsan nakakatuwa, minsan hindi.

4. Yung puro mura lang yung nababasa ko tuwing nagaaway at nagbabangayan sila at nagtatawagan ng retard at jerk. This makes me put down the book and not even bother.

5. Marunong naman pala magtagalog eh.. How I wish  tagalog na lang yung buong story, sa tingin ko mas bagay sya kesa sa nageenglish-englishan yung mga bida.. hmm parang hindi kasi bagay eh.. yun ay sa akin lang naman.

6. So the truth is gusto nya talaga ung girl so instead of hitting on her he’s being this jerk to her. cliche. Gu Jun Pyo/Dao Ming Su much??

7. Eventually they tell each other how they really feel and sila na agad and this happen wifey? hubby? cliche again. Tapos isa pa matapos tawag tawaging wifey biglang retard again? oh well di ako kinilig sa tawagan nilang wifey at hubby. No kilig factors for me.

8. At ayun may ex na singer. haaayyy at yung lage na lang sia yung binabalikan, nireresbakan nung mga nakakaaway ni hubby, paulit ulit?

9. Im getting this close to dnf-ing it, mejo binigyan ko pa ng chance baka nga naman ok ang ending pero umabot lang ako sa 300+ hehehe

10. On page 200someting at nabasa ko na naman ang linyang “you wanna die” lol i really wanna die from reading this hehe

at itong nabasa kong pdf version eh 800+ pages?? really???

I therefore conclude that I dont hate this book but I dont like it either.. so I just have to settle with 2 stars lets give it that para sa madameng effort ng author which is good, masipag sya at sana hindi itong 800 pages ang nakuha kong copy hahaha, before I started reading this it did gave me hope that what would I’ll be reading will be much better than this but no. im sorry di ko lang talaga siya natripan pero okay sya. there is hope maybe next book? Or not.

If you enjoy this one then good for you, but me no. Until next review guys! Be safe out there and don’t forget your umbrellas!



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