Book Review: Dry Spell by Vi Keeland

TITLE: Dry Spell

AUTHOR: Vi Keeland

RATING: ☆☆☆☆ (4/5)

(Read last November 5, 2016, This was a 30-page ebook)

I received this ebook from Vi Keeland thru email. Thanks for the copy!

Man, oh man!! This book was an unexpected read for me. And, this is my first Vi Keeland book. I never really thought it would turn out so good, yes at first by the title itself all I could think of is just another story about sex and yeah, sex! That groaning and banging over the walls reminded me so much of the book Wallbanger. But this was really hot and sweet and kind of funny all at the same time. Why does it have to be so short, Vi??!!

Evan was such an asshat. Let’s make that clear ok? I don’t like him even from the start and I kind of have an idea about the surprise you know at the bathroom. I knew it! Ha gotcha!

But Smith? Oh hell yes!! I like him! Ava knows it too. Ava you see when someone is such an asshat, you will definitely be given someone who will be worth it. Smith is definitely the one. Damn, he was just sweet and strong and all swoon worthy. That second try, Ava did with the coat and the bathroom oh my G! Like it is your moment. Ava and Smith was a perfect pairing for me. The end though was the revenge for what Evan did. Ha!

This book even though it was short was a very good read, easy and uncomplicated. Unexpected turn of events. I love the story and the way it was written. How I wish there was more! Please!



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