Back in my younger days,I always find myself learning things the hard way. I always end up in a confusing situation, lost and sometimes miserable. I’m always the impulsive decision maker, go with the flow type of person with no plan A, B, or C that often leads me into trouble. The “mapusok” days and doing things out of experience or fun without caution, as if I’m a treasure hunter seeking for silver and gold (wisdom/experiences) in a world of uncertainty.

Those days  are just memories, but the lessons it gave me will be store in an archive, for me to remember in tough days and in happy days.

I had so many realization out of it, I learned that not all people who calls you friend are really a true friend, I learned to trust myself more and to be strong. I learned to give trust with people though sometimes its a little bit scary.I learned that a relationship (be it in a friendship, bf/gf, or as husband/wife level) is like a dance, both should dance in one rhythm and in one dance step. I learned that to give love is to know how to love yourself, to respect other people is to know how to respect yourself, to be at peace with everything is to know how to be at peace with yourself, to be happy in life is to be genuinely happy no matter what situation you have in life and to always have a grateful heart. Eventhough people hurt you and do bad things to you, don’t ever plant a seed of revenge to your heart because it will never be a gain to you.

I’m still a treasure hunter but with caution and plans, I want to explore the world more and gain more silver and gold, so that I could share it with other people.