I miss you, like the empty bottles missing its own content
I miss you, like the bakery who runs out of bread at night
I miss you, like the clown who goes home at night alone

I miss you, like the kids who roam around all day but doesn’t have a house to come home to
I miss you, like the old lady who waits for her husband even if she knows he’s not coming back
I miss you, like a circus who makes us happy but in the end they will always leave

I miss you, like my heartbeat beating so fast that it will explode any time
I miss you, like the explosion that causes my heart to skip a beat
I miss you, like can’t you see how much missing you causes me to burst away?

Missing you was like a heartbreak
A heartbreak ready to happen every time my heart longs for you
Every time my mind thinks of you
Every time my body craves for your warmth, for your touch
Every time, just every time my heart yearns for you

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Binibining `E

Binibining `E works for a BPO company by day and is a supersized, weird and peculiar super hero by night who loves the sea, the sand and the sun. She has been eating books for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even for desserts too. An amateur sketcher, can draw when bored. Can write at times and whenever she thinks she can. A certified bibliophile, expect lots of book reviews and adventures with this ugly writer. She is not an ordinary girl. She is peculiar indeed. Will prefer basketball over drama, books over telenovelas, a good book and a cup of coffee over tv.

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