You never gave me a glimpse of your scar.

Just like an ink in a piece of paper, it was permanent. Final.

A piece of torn skin mended by time. Still, a permanent reminder of something that had been gruesome.

I never understood why you never made me look at it, even once.

I do not know why, but it is the most perfect part of you. It reminds me of your vulnerability, your innocence.

You hide your scar away from the person you love, and the person who loves you back…

but in the end…

You were the one who gave me mine.




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  1. I’m afraid I might not see scars the same way I did before. That ending cuts deep.

  2. Kenneth Willie M. Layona (BSBA- MAR142)

    1. Explicit/Material
    2. Culture: Art
    3. Implicit/Non-Material Title: An “unforgettable” painful experience.

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