I thought we were on our way to something wonderful —
Something grand
Something beautiful.
 All of a sudden, I wake up to a new day with you gone.
 Just like that —
 Like the days and weeks before were nothing but my imagination.
 Text messages and call logs are all I have left of you
 And short vivid memories of how happy I was just flew.
 Now I’m left wondering —
 How could a person
 So beautiful, so gentle
 Have the heart to leave a poor soul hanging, hurting, doubtful
 What am I supposed to do —
 Be like you and forget
 That this nonsense ever happened?
 What if I can’t?
 What if I refuse?
 Did you ever think
 That not everyone’s built like you?
 Please, please enough of this
 Momentary bliss.
 Please, please stop what you do
 The world is already filled with too many fools.

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