Blogger Spotlight: The Savvy Aspirant (Ms. Vanesa Salcedo)

Blogger Spotlight featuring Ms. Vanesa “Nice” Salcedo from

Ms. Vanesa Salcedo

A. Profile

  1. Name: Vanesa Salcedo
  2. Occupation: Real Estate Broker and Appraiser
  3. Website:
  4. Email Address:
  5.  Facebook Fan Page URL:

B. Story

The lifestyle blogger site first started when Nice was only 13 years old (specifically June of 2009) and it came by the URL Being innately outspoken and social, Nice was a frequent chatter of the 2005 Shoutmix platform while she worked on her Blogspot site. Her fondness for chatting taught her to be eloquent and lively with words. Ms. Salcedo only recently upgraded to self-hosting last March (of this year) and took the opportunity to work on her brand name. And so The Savvy Aspirant is born.

When asked which aspect of having a blog site did she love best was how she was able to interact with other bloggers. To learn from and share similar experiences with like-minded individuals. Now, that is blogging done right.

C. The Website

Color Scheme: Light Cyan on Glorious White Background with strong Black text make The Savvy Aspirant website really look elegant.

Writing Style: Chic. First Person Perspective

Front page
Contacts Page

The layout of The Savvy Aspirant really does give justice to the brand. It is clean and the accent is just gorgeous. Nice was smart to go minimalistic and retain the splashy font making it look very chic and still cater to the male demographic.

 D. The Wrap

All-in-all, I don’t see any reason for this blogger/site not to go big. Nice has a way with words but it won’t go as far as to put people off. Her words are inviting and the aesthetics would make anyone want to read more and get to know more of her.

Get to know more of the savvy aspirant. Visit her site here.

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