Tormented Past

The face, is unfamiliar ,
My memories are blurred
But that overwhelming feeling of fear remains clear.

My past has been dark,
And now my future seems bright,
Though my present appears grey and uncertain.

Your strong , resilient and bold
They say,
But sometimes I still feel I am broken.

I know, not forever I will feel this way,
It’s just for now it is how it must be.

Time to stir up the pot,
Bring the residue to the top
And then I will truly be free


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Hanna Jane Padua
Hanna Jane Padua

Upon reading the blog “My 2018- Transcendence” by Yanna, I think what she is afraid of more than riding a bicycle is facing the reality alone. As her father let her go while riding the bicycle I think it means that she has to be independent and face the real world. When I was a child like Yanna I am afraid of being alone. I always want to be with my grandma and grandpa. I am afraid that one day they will leave me. I was too dependent with them because I grew up with them. I believe the article… Read more »