Book Review: Bucket List to Love by C.P. Santi

Title: Bucket List to Love
Author: C.P. Santi
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆(5/5)

I recently watched the movie Kita Kita which was also set in Japan, specifically Sapporo, Japan which I really really love (but that’s for a different review haha). So, yeah right now anything Japanese related will pick my interest and yes this book screams Japanese to me and also because this is romanceclass, you can’t go wrong with that. I have received an epub copy of this book from the author itself for an honest opinion. The book cover was just lovely, Cherry Blossoms are love.

The book really screams to me, I don’t know why but my interest for anything Japanese was very on point in every aspect. I used to study basic Japanese language but stop for sometime. So, when I saw a promo blitz of this book on twitter, I immediately signed up and indulge in the life of the characters Aya and Ryo. And hell yeah when I started reading this I get excited every chapter. That bucket list sets the deal. The sisters are very very clever. And some entries are very hilarious, who would have dared to ride some penis something right? But I guess Kanamara Matsuri sure would be fun! (*winks*)

The story is very simple but I love everything about it. I love all the feels and all the kilig I have in this book. I love how the story unfolds. I love Aya and her sisters, they are so cool, they have their own individualism, they have different views, opinions, outlook in life but they respect, love and support each other. I love their support system, the tubs of ice cream was a bonus factor of course. At times, I get annoyed by how Aya thinks, but I totally understand her maybe because she experience how it feels to get hurt by someone you love. I am so glad her sisters helped her in moving on in some way. Aya has enjoyed herself with the company of other people until she feels that she is ready to fall in love again but still feeling fear and doubt that this someone will eventually hurt her which I think is normal.  I love how the relationship of Aya and Ryo develops throughout the story, from being awkward to being super close. I love the way they connect with each other, the way their feelings evolve around each other without them knowing it, is really amazing. Aya is very game with her sisters jokes and trips and all and at the same time she has this strong passion with her work and in what she do, being an Architect. I love how natural she is around Ryo and she sure has a lot to discover with herself and him. Ryo on the other hand. Oh my Ryo, Ryo, Ryo my God you are such a glorious guy, I so adore and love you. I fell in love with you in every thing that you do. My heart is skipping a bit each time I read how wonderful you are. If a guy like him would teach me how to ride a bike, I would even ride a 10 wheeler truck. I would definitely strive very hard to learn it and impress him! And I really do think that they are very perfect for each other. They complimented each other the way they can handle each other uniqueness, their differences really do set them apart because they are characteristically different. Ryo’s mindset is very wide. How the hell are you so good with that? Haha! You are adorable. The supporting characters in this story are so great. I love all of them Aya’s family, mostly her sisters, I also love her parents very cool! Aya and Ryo’s labmates and yes Ryo’s sisters. I wonder how it would be like if Aya and Ryo’s sister would go out together. I think it will be super fun and extremely crazy! Add to this crazy, loveable madness is the food, from cookies to parfaits, definitely a romanceclass book would not be complete without delicious food, right?? So if you are reading this indulge with the beautiful story of Aya and Ryo, and fell in love with their one of a kind story. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face after I am done reading. I would love to read it again sometime soon with an actual book on hand. I want to relive the memories of Aya but mostly Ryo because he is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

This book is so quirky, addictive, and such a delight to read. Who would’ve thought that I will fall more in love with Japan and its culture, it is depicted very  beautifully through the authors words. This book made me grin, made me smile, made me feel and made me believe that love happens when you least expect it. And how beautiful it is to think about Japan’s architectures, my mind is imagining this things and I feel like I am one with the characters. This book has brought me to places I haven’t been to. Places I only see in books and in the Internet only. These words has transported me to were Aya and Ryo is. And I absolutely love the feeling of it. Dōmo arigatōgozaimasu Ms. Caryn for bringing me to Japan and make me fall in love with your stories.

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