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He is at the center of the airport floor.

No bags, no other stuff. Nothing. Wearing only his clothes for work, he stared blankly at his one-way ticket to the place he’s never been to. He is breathing heavily. His eyes are wet with tears and sweat. As the tears roll down his cheeks, he gasped for some air and brought himself back to reality.

He thought to himself, “This is it. It’s not or never. There is really no turning back. Anyway, she’s waiting for me. She will be my new life now.”

He then ran quickly to the check-in counter, bypassing the luggage clerk, then off to the gates. He walked briskly. He kept thinking, “Why in the world am I sad? What is there to be sad about?” Thinking of his family which he left, he cried silently as he sat on the metal chair at the gates. He wept by himself wondering if the “life” that he will be embracing can give the happiness he would need if he ever feels homesick or depressed. He kept blinking to dry his tears and tried as hard to smile.

Three hours later, his plane landed to the place he hasn’t seen ever. He looked for her around the lounge, but she wasn’t there. Things kept running in his mind, “Why were you not here? What happened? Who will pick me up here?”. He walked to the grand lobby of the airport and sat on one of the couches. Shivering due to the coldness of the AC, he prayed. He prayed that she will soon be there to hold his hands, to hug him, to welcome him to the new land he just stepped on. But she still wasn’t there.

He looked around, rolled his eyes from left to right, still no sign of her. Until he heard someone say, “Whoa! That woman is so sweet!”. He faced the person who uttered those words to check who was it that he is describing. To his surprise, it was her! Holding a big balloon with a cake on her other hand, walking towards him. The cake had a big blue bow on it, the balloon was metallic blue with the words, “Welcome home, Baby”. He was out of words as he took the cake from her, placed it on the nearest table, then pulled her towards him and hugged her very tight.

It was just a matter of three weeks since they last saw each other. But they missed each other so much that they kept talking the entire time they were at the airport. He described to her how bad he felt when he landed and looked for her but she wasn’t there. She answered, “I was just behind you all this time.”

He was speechless. Maybe because of his mixed emotions, he forgot to look who’s been hiding behind him. See, if a person’s mind is way too preoccupied, he wouldn’t notice that the best things are already happening to him. Not unless it will be reiterated by someone close.

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Marie Charisse

Sometimes people runaway and left their family for a special someone. Most of the time they can feel sadness because they misses their family and life in the past but sooner they will be happy and contented with their special someone.