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Hi B!

I just wanna share my insights last Saturday morning. It was awesome and crazy.

I am doing this to keep the memories alive in our hearts, and that maybe someday if we look back into this page, it would give us a smile on our faces. So here it goes…

We went out with our colleagues after shift and we were up til morning. After so many glasses of beer, we wanted to sing our hearts out. However, the rooms are reserved. Good thing the waiter was kind and we were still able to sing a couple of songs in the karaoke room. FOR FREE. Lucky us! ?

We were only three inside the room and I was seated in between you two. The third person was our boss and while he was singing, you whispered something in my right ear. I felt your cheek pressed against mine and you uttered you wanted to kiss me. I wasn’t that sure so I asked you again, ha-ha ? But you changed what you said.

The funny part is, I wanted you to say it again because once you repeat it, I will really do it. So sad you didn’t.

After a few minutes, we went outside back to where we are seated. I know we are sober but heck I still know what I’m doing, hearing, seeing, etc. Our boss went to the loo and we had a short moment left. You wanted me to look at you in the eye and understand what you’re trying to say.

Here are some of the words that I remember:

You: [Calling me by my name],  pwede bang manghingi ng kiss?

Me: Ha? (Puzzled, kinikilig, nababaliw) Then I looked away from you while saying, hindi pwede, sayang yung friendship. Sobrang sayang mahalaga talaga sa akin ito.

You: Tumingin ka sa akin. Dali na. May sasabihin ako sayo.

***Then I looked at you***

You: Naalala mo si _____ girl? Yung kinwento ko sayo dati (Mejo Ex mo ata un) Parang ganun na kasi tayo, sa totoo lang, mas nahigitan mo pa sya (with a sad look in your eyes)

Me: (still looking away)(haha ang pabebe ko!) Friend, nahihirapan ako, kase mali (knowing deep inside my heart I really wanted to kiss you, na-overwhelm ako ng sobra, akala ko ako lang yung may feelings) OMG

You: Kaya nga, kaya…

***Then our companion arrived from the loo***


It’s kinda awkward but I needed to keep calm. I even thought of asking us to go somewhere so we could kiss (kaso baka hindi ako makapagpigil) LOL

So we had breakfast after that drinking sesh and we still had fun eating and sharing life stories with our boss. When I got home, those words that you said kept running in my mind until I fell asleep. Upon waking up, you were the first thing I remembered. I smiled. I am overwhelmed. I am always excited to come to work because of course, I will be seeing you again 🙂

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Marie Charisse

Whispered words our really the unforgettable one. Cause it will make you think and think all over again. And sometimes whispered words gives you that “kilig feeling” specially when it comes from the person you like.