Everyone was running, old and young, small and big; many met the same fate. The flames from the houses burned, ascended the dire parts of the sky. The street was stained with blood of those decapitated. It was a horrible experience in Zamfara.

I Hate Myself

Making girls fall in love and then use them like a toy, leaving them when the need is done and satisfied, I can't even imagine such things. I am glad I am not one of those boys, but I hate being one now seeing the situation.


* Reverse poetry * (Top to bottom: the broken Bottom to top: the breaker) I’m sorry. I will never forget In my heart What you did. Because It does not matter what they think. This kind of love You don’t…
grandma jo

Grandma Jo

Most of the time you see her parked, rocking back and forth on the steps of an old, brick building that has seen better days.

COLLABRO Count down to Manila Debut

The hugely-popular four-piece act comprising singers Jamie Lambert, Michael Auger, Matt Pagan and Thomas Redgrave will launch their Asian shows with two concerts in Japan on February 18 and 20 before arriving in the Philippines' capital for the first time.

City & Country

Every now and then he’ll blow 200 bucks on CDs in Edmonton, they’re just noise, why doesn’t he like Metallica and AC/DC like the rest of us? He’ll go thru jobs like socks, says he either gets bored or pissed off at the boss. Most of us work at Esso or A&W.