An Open Letter to my Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend


I know it’s been truly a while since we had an exchange. I know it might have come as a shock to you when we finally admitted our relationship.

But let me get this straight: I never flirted nor made unnecessary contact with him while you were together. I was very well aware of where I stood in his life back then and I know you are very well aware of that. In the short period that we have made communication, you were very well aware of the “other” guys I have dated; in particular, the one who I thought back then was the “one” for me. You were even supportive and extended encouragement to me. It was because of it that I have always had high regards for you, even though we never really had an intimate personal friendship like the one your ex-boyfriend and I have right now. I have nothing against those years you spent together nor do I hope to be in any way “superior” than you were. I know you did your best in showing him your affections, and honestly, I’m cool with that. I respect what you had back then but honey, that’s all in the past now.

I’m sorry for everything that’s happened, for I too, have had ended relationships without getting any proper closure from the guy was I with back then. I sympathize with you on that, but in light of the things that lead to you going your own ways, honestly, if I had to choose sides, I’d choose his side anytime. What you did (purposely or otherwise, in my honest opinion) was unforgivable to the core. It made me see and realize that there is a different side to your ex-boyfriend besides the funny, crazy, happy-go-lucky guy I was bro-buddies with.

I want to let you know that I was there as a confidante and a trusted buddy, I watched him try not to cry as he poured out his heart to me when we finally got the chance to talk face to face after your much sensationalized (from your side) break up. Hearing the story from his side in its raw and unadulterated form made me think twice about knowing you. I saw a dark side of you that I felt was there from the very beginning, but out of respect, I shrugged it off and trusted your love for each other back then.

Despite all of this, I know there is still goodness and love left inside of you. There’s still this smart and funny girl inside that he fell in love with back then.

Contrary to what everyone else (probably including you) thinks, HE started initiating communication with me for almost over a year AFTER your break up, and it was a year after too, that we were officially together.

I thank you for being in his life and somehow making him the man that he is right now.

I hope and pray that someday, you’ll find the love that you lost in him.

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Marie Charisse

Just be happy for them. Forget the past. Think pf your future. No bitterness. No hatreds.

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