Have you ever felt cheated? Have you ever cheat? At school, work, or love?

I remember how painful it is to be cheated on… Doing everything for him. Serving him, loving him. I came to the point where I would just sit in a corner and stare. Overthinking everything that led to depression. Had no one to talk to about my issues with him. Including the pressure from my own family.

When the time came that I had finally decided enough is enough, I let him go. I did not cry. Did not overthink. I just slept.

When morning came I woke up and said “Thank You, Lord. Please guide me. I want to be a better me for my son.”

I got the freedom that I want. My privacy and time just focus on my kid.

I got a job that I enjoy. I get along with my colleagues pretty well. Then my biggest fear ate me.

I promised myself I won’t let another woman feel how I felt because of me. But no. I did the exact opposite.

I had started having a mutual understanding of a taken man.

I asked God for forgiveness. And I want forgiveness from her. I want a clear conscience but I don’t know what to tell her. Yes, there never was anything sexual that happened. But the mere fact that I was taking his time from her is already sinful for me. I don’t know if she will believe me but at least I would let her hear me out.

Do I deserve her forgiveness?