It was the same night when Sisa cooked food for her children, Basilio and Crispin. But his husband came and finished all the dishes. It was 10 in the evening and his children are still not home. She was very worried about them because she knows how unsafe the environment out there is today.

Sisa: Where are my boys? I am so worried. I’ve been calling them but they’re not answering. I messaged them on messenger but they’re not active.

After a while, Basilio came home alone. He was disturbed and bothered on what he had witnessed on his way home. He saw how a man was shot straight to his head by armed men a few street blocks away from their home.

Sisa: Finally you’re home. I’ve been so worried for you. Where is your brother?

Basilio: I’m sorry, nay. There is a huge traffic on my way home.

Sisa: Are you fine? You look so disturbed. Is something bothering you?

Basilio: Ahm, no nay. I’m fine. I’m just thinking about Crispin.

Sisa: Where is he? Where’s your brother?

Basilio: Our boss didn’t allow Crispin to go home because no one will be left in their store.

Sisa: Oh, that’s fine. I cooked your favorite foods. But your father went home a while ago to finish them. I still have some tomatoes and sweet potatoes here.

Basilio: Huh? He was home?? Did he harm you again? Where is he now?

Sisa: No, son. He left after he finished all the food on the table. Maybe he’s with his mistress again.

Basilio: I will not let that man step on this house again.

Basilio didn’t tell the truth to Sisa. But he is very worried about their safety. He wants his nanay to be safe from those armed people and from his father.

In the morning, he recognized a familiar scenario on the news. He heard that there was a man shot in the head and accused as a notorious carrier of drugs. And the suspect/s for the crime is/are still unknown.

The next night Basilio went home grasping and bloody with a near-missed shot on his leg. He was running so fast because there are people chasing after him. These people are the armed ones who shot the man along street blocks away from their home. The intention of this men are not yet clear to him but he is very afraid. He thought maybe they saw him passed that street during the crime and might be a witness for it.

Life and Works of Rizal


Abaigar, Samuel Jr.
Lopez, Rosemarie Kate
Omac, Kate Aubrey
Tabon, Keziah Joyce
Vigo, Jan Henri