10 Ways to be a Good Employee

Jose Rizal can serve as a motivation and as well as Role model for everyone because of his goodness and contributions.

Jose Rizal was known as our national hero because of being a good and effective leader. He used his literary works to fought Filipinos from freedom. Rizal wanted Filipinos to be free from another country. He showed his love for his country using his own novels, letters, and poems as well. Until now, Rizal’s life is still taught by universities, since it would help the society mostly the millennial,  students and employees to be aware and gain more knowledge regarding our history. Jose Rizal can serve as a motivation and as well as Role model for everyone because of his goodness and contributions.

There are 10 ways how to be a good employee considering Rizal as a role model:

1. Committed – A good employee must show his selfless love for his work. Like being committed to do works as best as you can. In addition, being committed at work means you’ll do everything for your company’s success. Just like Jose Rizal, he was committed to his own country, he shows his love wherein he did his best; he did saving our country and he used his intelligence to fight us Filipinos from another country.

2. Passionate – A good employee does their job with excitement and interest. It’s not about the salaries they can have; it’s about showing an enjoyment and interest in the working environment. It shows eagerness of an employee to work and share what they’ve had for company’s success. Just like Jose Rizal, he served Filipinos, not because of the popularity he may have.

3. Confident – A good employee does their job with confidence. Having strength to stand his/her decisions alone in the organizational workplace. Jose Rizal shows his confidence by fighting for the Philippines in another country. Wherein, he used and stands on his literary works to depend on Filipinos.

4. Honest – One of the most important things in an organizational workplace is an honest employee. In addition, being a good employee is one of the most needed characteristics at work. Honest employees have been an asset by organizations. Jose Rizal advocates integrity and truth in his literary works.

5. Hardworking – A good employee can tend to do a lot of works with commitment and a lot of energy. Hard working employees can do multi-task wherein they can deal with more than one task at the same time with positive character. Jose Rizal was a role model of hard work; he inspires everyone through his actions fighting for Filipinos.

6. Good communicator – A good employee knows how to build good relationship to its co-workers and as well as valued customers or clients. Being good communicator means having less talk and good listener. Jose Rizal has been a good communicator, he communicates with Filipinos, and he used his literary works to help Filipinos.

7. Humility – A good employee acknowledges his strength and weaknesses, wherein employee is being truthful of being not good in everything. Employees are willing to accept other’s help and or opinions in a workplace.

8. Positive attitude – A good employee must have a good attitude in the workplace. Being joyful even if there’s a lot of work needed to finish. Just like Jose Rizal, he shows his positive attitude wherein he expressed his positive attitude by showing concerns for Filipinos. He helps our country achieve freedom.

9. Responsible – A good employee knows his obligations in the workplace. Can perform effectively regarding an employee’s job description and able to obey company’s policy. Jose Rizal has been responsible in his country, wherein he didn’t forget his responsibility as a Filipino citizen.

10. Hero – A good employee must consider as a hero because of his or her hard work and contributions in his/her workplace. Wherein the company really value there employee as an asset in the workplace. Jose Rizal was considered as our national hero because of his unforgettable contributions. He cared more about saving our country wherein he didn’t want to control as by another country. Everyone can be hero in our own way.

Maria Maise Ann Apigo

Maria Maise Ann Apigo

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  1. I. As companies reach across country borders and globalization of the workplace becomes the new norm, businesses must continually adapt to changes. Professionals must learn to communicate differently, while business processes are continually adjusted to accommodate the growing number of different cultures and nationalities that organizations work with. Companies who are evolving with this shift have a competitive advantage over those who don’t, and there are many trends we are beginning to see in globalized workplaces.

    II. Hero, because I can work with all those 9 attitudes. I dont need to be a hero . I can make a lot of contributions without these ways being a “Hero”. Because for me, if you have a good asset and you can give contributions without putting these ways maybe.

    3. Good communicator because these ways may very useful like what Rizal did. As you can see its easy to spread all over the country his work with the use of being a good communicator. You can easily interact with people inside or even outside of the country and it may have a deep impact on the way companies manage their employees.

    4.The effect of globalization on HR management is a push for professional development. Professional development is concerned with providing employees opportunities to achieve their career-related goals. Some organizations provide resources for their employees to earn a university degree, others send their employees to conferences or networking events and training days. Professional development is important to globalization because it creates a win-win situation. The employees feel as though the organization is concerned with providing a range of skills and competencies for their employees. Likewise, the organization benefits from the added skills and connections that the employees who take advantage of professional development programs acquire.

  2. 1. Because just like the globalization, corporate culture was developing by international influence and also they start operating on an international scale.
    2. ‎For me humility, in a corporate world you must do everything in order to make a certain task great… if you can’t do a certain job, then still do your very best. Challenge yourself.
    3. ‎Every workers, must be passionate to their job.. it will lead them to success
    4. ‎As a future HR practioner we must be willing to experience different changes, because this changes can help us to improve our working skills.

  3. 1. Small business owners are learning that they have to adopt new policies and new guidelines to keep up with these changes. As globalization becomes more prevalent, companies deal with increased cultural diversity within the workforce. 

    2. I choose being committed because we have to be real, not everyone in the work place is truly committed to what they’re doing. They could be working just for the benefit of it and just for their personal gain and not for the company that they are working in.

    3. Being a good communicator is very vital to being globalized in order to form good and effective relationship and connection amongst other countries or companies.

    4. Human Resources is the department which leads the development and upgrade of the corporate culture. As an HR practitioner we have to set up an international team, which develops the unified corporate culture and corporate values. We have to understand roots of the common corporate culture and how they are expected to behave globally.

  4. Jolo, Marie Grace Q.

    1. Would Rizal be flattered with him being your role model? Why/why not?

    I, personally dont consider Rizal as my role model.
    But yes, he should be flattered when someone idolizes him because being an inspiration to other people means that they are very well appreciated. Perhaps Rizal’s hardship and sacrifices signify a lot to other people and can somehow bring a huge impact to their lives. That is why Rizal, considering that studying his life and works as a mandatory subject to all, should really be flattered and he must really feel good about it knowing that we, students are really trying so hard to still know him and appreciate him no matter how redundant it may come to us.

    2. As future business men and women, how would you emulate Rizal in the workplace?

    Rizal is very known to be a man of integrity and dignity. Integrity meaning a quality of being honest and fair. Dignity means a quality of being worthy of honor and respect. As soon to be business people, these two traits should really be keep in our minds. Business industry in some point can really be toxic. But keeping in mind these two traits can help us in deciding what is right from wrong.

  5. Javier, Angela B.

    1. Would Rizal be flattered with him being your role model? Why/ Why not?
    Yes Rizal would be flattered with him being our Role model, because for me being the role model of someone else or idolizes by someone makes Rizal felt that other people appreciate the things that he have done for us. And for me, by showing his love for our country using his own novels, letters and poems as well as his goodness and contributions is a good enough reason for him to be the role model of each and everyone of us.

    2. As future business men and women, how would you emulate Rizal in the workplace?
    By being committed and passionate. Committed in a way of doing the best as you can, loving of what you are doing and last is you will do everything for your business become successful. And passionate by doing your business with excitement , interest and eagerness for the business become successful.

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