Book Review: Anathema by Mark Nye & Simon Farrant I


TITLE: Anathema

AUTHOR: Mark Nye & Simon Farrant

RATING: ☆☆ (2.5/5)

Ebook copy was provided by the author himself for an honest review.

This is not for the faint of heart and not really for the children. And yes, some of the stories are morbid, gruesome and sexual. I am glad that I got through with it and not vomit from the gruesomeness of these stories. But to be honest, some stories bored me out and I think that some of them just lacks something which didn’t catch my attention. There’s this one story that really bored me out that I just skiped reading it. Sorry about that. But lo and behold there are 2 in this collection that I truly like. I particulary like the story of Death Dolls and Curious Goods, which I think is a good one.

Death Dolls was an intriguing story and I just had to finish it because it also involves tattoos. The Russian twin brothers was insane but they are exactly what the story needs and yes I like the flow of the story, it is fast phased but was solid and is really promising.

Curious Goods on the other hand was written the right way, slow and progressing. It didn’t bore me out and I kind of like how the story turned out. The story was written clearly and was an easy read. No confusion at all just plain suspense horror story even children can read. It was written as though it was really a complete novel. It was good.

These stories remind me of this collection of horror stories popularized by Japanese Authors. But I have to settle for 2.5 stars only. I really do think that some of the stories have so much potential and I wish it will be developed eventually. I wish for more from the other stories and I wish I could have enjoyed them the way I wanted to but some are just too gruesome that I cringe while reading them.

The 2.5/5 Stars is because I’m not used to the graphic gore. But hey, if gore, sex and violence is your thing, I’d highly suggest you check this one out!



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