EDUCATION: College vs. K-12 system

The K-12 enhanced basic education added two years to the four-year secondary education-a total of six years for secondary school, four years in junior high school and two years of senior high school. As a result, general education courses in college are integrated in the two years of senior high school.

Will the K-12 be the solution to address poverty?

The additional year of schooling of children is going to be burdensome for the family, even if it is part of the free education in our country. There are many expenses that the family will have to bear, like allowance and, transportation fare of the students if the family is far from school. Some of the schools are private and still has a tuition fee. Only rich people will benefit from it, since poor families cannot really afford to have more financial burden and thus it would only end up in a greater percentage of dropouts.

This K-12 implementation is not the solution to poverty nor answer to improve the quantity of the students that desires to complete the education at the secondary level. But it would be better if the Government will provide our schools over the country with more teachers, books, classrooms, chairs and all the needs, building more public schools are much better specially to those provinces who lacks in education.

Is K-12 a threat to College?

They said K-12 system is more than just adding two more years to high school. It can further hone and produce a reinforcement educational foundation, which can prepare students for more meticulous and updated potentials for educational deveploment

College students and K-12 students, especially Senior high schoolers are arguing on social media on which of them has more potetials in the corporate world. We lacked that in the old systems because academe and society as a whole were not in the proper mental frame for it.

Our educators at the time didn’t care for our potential; all they wanted to do was to crank out workers either for export abroad or do the grunt work here. And parents followed in the same vein because all they want is to ensure a better life for them at their dotage, the best of which is to get their children in the highest-paying, most-prestigious jobs at the time.

Yes! K-12 can help the students and also to the society, once they graduated the K12 system, they can also apply to a job that is impartial to bachelor graduates

Everyone has a potential for something that will be useful to society at large, even though you’re a bachelor graduate nor K12 system graduate it is on our own on how we will use these abilities or potential that can help our society.


Aguilar, Stiffany
Coching, Angelica
Javier, Angela
Lambatin, Mary Frances
Villaruel, Daryl