It all started with a simple glance
Not knowing we would ever have the chance
The chance to see the world from another angle
It’s like a new day to deal with and discover
I never imagined I would enjoy having you
Nor did I dream being away from blue
I was really delighted when we first met
I told myself, you’re the person I won’t forget
Then one day came, we disagreed with each other
You pushed me away and said we were over
My hands went cold and my feet can’t move
I felt like my head was about to explode
And so I went to a farther place
With my heart in my hand, I was so dazed
I opted to move on as the days passed by
Without hesitations, I tried and tried
When I came back, you did it again
You brought me back to where we began
And in those moments, I felt something odd
My heart skipped a beat because of the spark
I waited for you to say you feel the same
But for you, everything was just plain game
I know it’s hard to accept the truth
But what can I do? I’m not that good
I can’t pretend to look okay
It’s not my thing to walk away
I can’t let go of the memories we made
It seems so hard to plan an escape
Now I believe the famous line
That everything can be healed by time
I know someday, we’ll meet again
Maybe in hell, or luckily, in heaven.