size matters

Size Matters

“Gosh, you have such a pretty face.” “You are so tall, like an Amazon woman!” “I am not sure if they sell clothes in your size, but we should be able to find something super cute.” “If you lost about…
Where Lies Reality the ugly writers

Where Lies Reality

The only air is within me  and the bubbles lost to me The only air is within me  and the bubbles lost to me which soon will cease as I continue to float upwards.


Taong 2013 nang umuwi sa amin si papa para humingi ng tawad sa kanyang nagawa, lalong lalo na sa akin, dahil alam nyang sobra akong nasaktan sa ginawa nya, subalit nag matigas ako, hindi ko sya pinatawad


Through the years, we have been branded by our religious views, gender preference, skin color and body shape. We create standards for each other to be socially acceptable.
toxic relationship the ugly writers

Toxic Relationship

You do not need to apply a scientific method to know that having friends is extremely beneficial besides the developmental benefits of having friends open the pathway for emotional support from making each other laugh to consoling each other through…