Book Review: Chasing Mindy by Carla De Guzman

This book made me feel things, it makes me warm inside while reading this, it open my eyes to see how beautiful Paris is in the eyes of the characters, it felt like I was also there.



TITLE: Chasing Mindy

AUTHOR:  Carla De Guzman

RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)


Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

When you start a book by describing petit fours and tiny sandwiches you know that this is going to be a good one and you know that you want it, definitely it will be as luscious as the milk chocolate and the caramel. A symphony indeed.

This is the first book that I have read from Carla De Guzman’s works and I am not ashamed to admit that I so love this and definitely, it deserve more than 5 stars. This story is very heart warming, fun and just so adorable. A book about family, Paris, Coffee and Bookshop and cute characters, you can’t go wrong with that. Though, you might be overwhelmed by Mindy’s family, which is by the way very big as in they are a lot, their characters are very different from each other, but like most Filipinos, we all know that family is love, right? I totally adore all of them and I know that you will love them too.

From the beginning of the story I fell in love with Mindy and Javier, their banters are really amusing and witty. They quickly resolve their issues together and have fallen in love with one another unexpectedly. I love them to bits. Mindy is such a delight for me and so is Javier, both are unique in each way, and they may treat life differently and they may be experiencing something in their life to actually get to what they are now but I love the fact that at least it didn’t hinder them to feel things and find what they’re really looking for. Javier is definitely the guy you will bring home to meet Mom. He is just loving and his words will make you swoon and there’s this sincerity in him that I truly like. And I am so glad that they have each other at the end. I love everything about them, their actions, how they banter at each other, how they are with each other when they are together, the peach thing (*winks*), the jacket thing, the rules, I also love it when they tease their moms, it’s just so adorable, the scene at the taqueria it was really really cute and yes a romanceclass novel will not be complete without the yummy food.

This book made me feel things, it makes me warm inside while reading this, it open my eyes to see how beautiful Paris is in the eyes of the characters, it felt like I was also there. It made me feel love, this made me smile, and giggle and at times I am crying with them too, that last chapter made me shed tears of happiness. Also, this showcase how we Filipinos treat each other as family, you can’t go wrong with that, family will always be there no matter what, no matter what challenges we all have to go through they are always there backing us up. The ending is just perfect for the story, Paris with their family. Oh God Javier and Mindy you are just so witty I was excited when Javi kneels only to find out that they’re just pranking. But yeah, still a very happy ending indeed. The last line from Javi makes my heart melt and I just cry.

Binibining `E

Binibining `E

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