Through the years, we have been branded by our religious views, gender preference, skin color and body shape. We create standards for each other to be socially acceptable.

We continually evolve.  We live in the world where change is the only thing that is constant. The emergence of the technology has drastically affected the way people connect and communicate with one another. We had embraced diversity at the same time we opened a place where people freely judge everything, creating stereotypes that slowly divide us.

            Through the years, we have been branded by our religious views, gender preference, skin color and body shape. We create standards for each other to be socially acceptable. We live every day to see how people act and live their own lives followed by our so-called “comment” that defines an individual from our own point of view. Yes, we are entitled to have our own perspective and opinions but we also should know when it is enough, when we should stop and when we should act.

Aren’t we all entitled to define who we really are? Do we have to abide by what the society wants? Don’t we have the right to be who we want to be and how we want to live our own lives? Let me tell you something.

              Your religion doesn’t define who you are.

   Your gender preference doesn’t reflect your personality.

            Your skin color doesn’t make you superior or inferior from the other.

              Your body shape doesn’t make you less of anything.

We had created barriers that prevent us from understanding the uniqueness of each individual. Let us break free from the stigma that holds us back from doing what we really want. We should keep in mind what really matters, it is how we act and treat other people. 

Create your own description of yourself. No matter how people perceive you, always remember that you know yourself better than them. Let your goal be to understand instead to criticize. Build yourself to be a better version for your own good and the good of the people around you.


  1. John Rey Dungca ACT 184
    A stereotype is an over-generalized belief about a particular category of people. Stereotypes are generalized because one assumes that the stereotype is true for each individual person in the category. as a teenager, we have many things that we are doing the same. For example,
    1. Being broke, as a teenager, personally I have many things to do and many things I want to buy, especially food, that is the main reason why teenagers are broke.
    2. Bad at saving money, Because of being materialistic and of the desire to living the life to the fullest.
    3. Being judgemental, because of my religion or my belief they’re thinking that I am a bad person.
    4. Gay men act like girls, A lot of gay men do act like girls and talk like them but just not all of them.
    5. All Arabs are terrorist, Not all Muslims or Arabs are terrorist, I am a Muslim, Do terrorists stay on their laptops all day or go to malls and buy normal cloth or upload videos on YouTube do terrorist study English and French at school, well I do not think so, in fact, terrorists or not Muslims they are some dumb ass people that make there self Muslim so people can think we are.

  2. Sterotype is a mistaken idea of many about a certain thing that is based upon its physical appearance which may be unrealistic. Stereotyping people is a type of prejudice because what is on the outside is a small part of who he/she is. There are things that I stereotype also, first is that men should be the leader. Because of our patriarchal society it is norm that men should always be the front liner. Second, Ilocanos are “kuripot”. Others think that people living in Ilocos Region are stingy because saving is one of their essential trait. Third one is all politicians are philanders and have their own personal interest in the position. Fourth, all men that has feminine personality traits are gay. Lastly, all Indians here in Philippines are “Bumbay” and associated with Indian money lenders, or those who are engage in “5-6”.
    Stereotyping is not only hurtful, it is also wrong. Even if the stereotype is correct in some cases, constantly putting someone down based on your preconceived pereptions in unjust.

    Naron, Grei-Anne

  3. Stereotyping people is one of the habits which we have developed through the years. It seems easier than to actually know the real deal with someone. I, for one, is guilty of having these thoughts. I have my long list of prejudices about people because I am, in fact, a judger. The first one is that I always think that people from Pampanga are boastful or proud. Since I have had experiences in dealing with Kapampangans, I have noticed this specific trait. Another one, when I was still a child and being the competitive ass that I was, I used to fear or be threatened by people who wear glasses since I think all of them are smart, like really really smart. Third, I used to think that people who would engage into a relationship with a foreigner is only after their money. Maybe some of these are true but there are also who are just truly in love. Also, people who are usually up and are outside loitering in the streets in the middle of the night are those that who would end up having pre-marital sex or would get pregnant (for women) since it is usual in the areas near our house. Lastly, the stereotype which I am most guilty of is that the basketball players are also good in playing with women’s feelings. They will have one girl but with a couple of side chicks.

    -Kissel Kate Chila D. Prado

  4. Stereotype is a belief of a people or standard that people always follow because they want to be fit in here in our world but stereotype is really not a thing for me, you can live what kind of life you want. First stereotype thing I hate is people who social climb, if they see something trend in social media they will go for it even if they don’t have the means to have it just to say or post on social media. Second is being judgemental, many people today are judgemental in every aspect of yours even if they’re not perfect. I admit that I judge people but I do not share it to anyone it’s just my opinion for a person and i do not intend to hate them but other people will judge you and slap it in your face to hurt your emotions and they will hate you. Another is being competitive, I am a competitive person but not in the way that I will not share my knowledge because many people won’t help others just to be in the top. Another is being not contended because as a teenager I want man things to buy, sometimes I push my parents just to buy me something I want.

  5. ACT184
    I should have been entitled the how i see myself but what really happens is that people’s opinions simply makes who i am just to be belong in their world. Stereotypes is the belief of people that became a habit. let me share with you mine.
    First, I believed in signs. maybe, not everyone agrees with me but sometimes when i can’t make decisions i just leave it behind and wait for signs to do it.
    second, I’m one of the people who don’t care about superstitious beliefs even though my mon would scold me for not following I woudn’t care.
    third, i’m guilty that I became a girl who sees all men as the same but it changed because I had better friendships with my guy friends
    fourth, Ilocanos are kuripot. I just knew this lately but i guess it’s quite true and not.
    lastly, I know that people are judgemental because of their insecurities and because they can’t be like you. well, it’s not nw because we live in a world full of “bakit ka ganyan?”

  6. Mary Erica Gregorio | ACT184 We all have that kind of belief about particular things or in categorizing of people and that is so called stereotype. Sometimes we are misinterpreting the actions of the people. Now a days, an eye can commit a sin. When I was a kid I used to think that all children don’t like to eat vegetables food but I’m wrong because we have different preferences. Second, I used to believe that older people don’t know how to use technology. Third, when you wear an eyeglasses I used to believe that you are smart. Fourth, I used to believe that all rallyist are rebels but I’m wrong because I know now that they are fighting for their rights. Lastly, I used to believe also that seaman are for boys only and not capable for girls.

  7. The five stereotypes that I’m guilty of are
    1. I used to believe that when someone wears eyeglasses, he/she is smart or nerd.
    2. When I was a kid I always think that there are humans on every planet in the galaxy.
    3. I think that superheroes are real.
    4. I think that when you love someone they will easily love you back.
    5. I used to believe that you can use money by photocopying it.

    Macnell Joseph C. Panlaqui – ACT 184

  8. People can easily misjudged things based on their own opinions. I, as well, has my own set of stereotyping thoughts:
    1. I think that people who wear glasses are smart and very good at academics.
    2. I think couples in public places who are showing their affections towards each other are “OA”
    3. I think people who posts and shares lots of bible verses and religious quotes are not religious at all.
    4. I think superstitious beliefs are non-sense and people who believed in them are immature.
    and lastly,
    5. I think that students from private schools are sophisticated while those from public schools are very loud and outgoing (as what I see with myself and most of my friends)

  9. Jolinah O. Manalo | ACT184
    A stereotype is an over-generalized belief about a particular category of people. Stereotypes are generalized because one assumes that the stereotype is true for each individual person in the category. While such generalizations may be useful when making quick decisions, they may be erroneous when applied to particular individuals. When I was a child, (1) I used to believe that if a person wears an eyeglasses, he/she is a genius. (2) I also believed that when a girl has a white or light skin, she is beautiful (3) I thought that if a girl doesn’t have a pointed nose, she can’t be beautiful but can be called as cute. (4) I also used to think that when a person is an IPhone user, he/she is rich kid. (5) Lastly, I thought that color pink is only for girls.

  10. Stereotyping is about forming several judgments based on your own, others opinion and encounters. I would like to share what are the stereotypes I’m guilty of.

    1. I think people who posts a lot about pricey things and food they bought are social climbers. They wanna join the trend though in reality, there are lot of things must prioritize.
    2. I think if someone corrects you might feel offended and start to downgrade yourself. Personally, Everyone has the right to share their knowledge this is a way to learn something. No to smart shaming.
    3. I used to believe that people who wear eyeglasses are the smartest.
    4. I think people who came from private schools are-well-mannered.
    5. I think people who acts in unacceptable way in though situations are immature. But I do understand everyone has their different level of sensitivity.

    Shaivie Rose Javier

  11. Back when my mind was so immature I tend to stereotype or generalize some people. I had easily judged them just by basing on their background. Below are my top 5 acts of stereotyping which I was guilty (I hope not to offend anyone):

    1. All gays do cross-dressing. Later on I found out that not everyone since there are still gays who dresses like a gentleman.
    2. Men should act as if chivalry is not yet dead. Well now, both women and men have equal roles and responsibility in the society.
    3. If you are a lady you should behave primly and properly. Now I think it should not be that way, just act and express yourself in your own way.
    4. If you have bad grade that only means you are good for nothing. As I have reached this age, I learned that it does not work like that because acads is not the only field where you can test someone’s intelligence, skills and talents.
    5. If you happen to be the eldest among your siblings, you should be more responsible and you should take care of the finances and expenses at home ones you graduated. It is not bad to help, but whatever happens children are responsibility of their parents.

  12. ACT-184 Labayne, Grace Joy
    Stereotype are oversimplified images or ideas of a particular type of person. There are a lot of stereotypes i am guilty with. First, for me, men are always strong. I think they are stronger than girls, in terms of work or jobs. Second, when i was a kid, i believed that when you are wearing an eyeglass it means that you are smart or nerd, but i was wrong. Third, i used to believe that those people who always post bible verses or religious quotes are religious and they always serve God. Fourth, i believed before that when you are in a relationship, you will fail in your school. Lastly, i used to believe that if you attend church, you don’t commit mistakes already. But i was wrong because our mistakes are the reason why we should attend church and listen to His word.

  13. As we lived and observe different things and many people, we created some general descriptions about something or someone who have shared common things. And that’s what we called stereotype.
    1. Back then, everytime I joined in some academic related competitions, I used to be afraid on the contestants who wear eyeglasses because for me, they are really smart and destined to top in the competition.
    2. Before, I always judge the girls who have vulgar nail polish in their nails as “malandi”. But now, I see it as part of their style, and expression of art.
    3. Boys who are good looking and fond on playing girls have no brains or not smart.
    4. “Some people” who proclaimed themselves as “church people” are the ones who are much more judgemental compare to the others.
    5. Chismoso/chismosa are the people who are not happy with their own lives, and insecure.

  14. ACT 184

    I am guilty for misjudging other people because I think it is somehow true, and yet it is what we call stereotyping.

    1. I think those people who always rant on social media doesn’t have friends to talk to.
    2. I think all politicians are corrupt
    3. I think all police officers are babaero
    4. Before, I think that all artist are retokada
    5. Before I think that these people who eat solo on restaurants or any fast food chains doesn’t have friends.

  15. Stereotyping is something that has been popularly practiced by most of the people. Its purpose is to dictate others what they should do and what they shouldn’t. it’s something that we always think of that becomes our mindset in a latter. It is something that needs to STOP NOW. Ethnics rivalries, cultural norms and gender norms. These should all stop now. There are common stereotypes in the Philippines that I had also thought of. First is, if you don’t finish your studies, you’ll end up working in a fast food chain or in a call center company. I once was guilty of this but as I grew up, I realized that there are many successful persons who are high school drop outs. The degree = success is pure bullshit that every filipinos believed. In gender norms, I once believed that If some men are feminine, the’re either gay or bisexual. If some ladies wear some boyish outfit, it’s either they’re lesbian or bisexual. This has been popularly instilled by most of filipino minds that even my younger self believed by it. Third, ethnic rivalries. I, before believed that tagalogs are higher than bisayas and ilocanos are sweeter than tagalogs. And lots of ethnic difference, I always think of it as rivals. I don’t know where these all came from but I know, ethnic rivalries are something that we should stop thinking of. Fourth, I once thought that if a student studies in a private institution, they are already rich. I’ve been envious of them for my whole elementary days. Lastly, I once thought that if a filipina or filipino married a foreigner, the’re either a gold digger or a gold digger. So yeah, I think of them as a gold digger. I even say this line, “Isang kababayan na naman natin ang nakaahon sa hirap” until I met people who are deeply in loved with their foreign partners.

    Kevin Aldrin De Guzman – ACT184

  16. Stereotyping is really one of the barriers to getting to know people truly. We all usually have this impression constructed in our heads even before we meet other people. Just because some of them are like that, we always tend to generalize that others who belong to that same group are like that as well. Some stereotypes that I’m guilty of are: First, I think that foreigners are all rich or wealthy. Even though, this is certainly not always the case. Second, Filipinos are always late because of the famous line “Filipino time”. Third, I think that people who wear eyeglasses are genius and really are more intelligent. Fourth, Chinese products are inexpensive because of imitation amongst businesses and their products. Lastly, twins should look and act alike and often best buddies.


  17. Maecy Chandy Santos
    ACT 184

    Stereotyping is when we judge people based on our opinions. We generalize them and think of them the same as we think of others. My list of stereotypes includes:
    1. Back when I was in junior highschool, I used to think that my girl schoolmates who wear lipsticks are slut. But today, it’s normal for us to weak make up because it makes us presentable and confident.
    2. I thought that those who wear tattoos are gangsters.
    3. I thought that those who love reading books are nerds.
    4. I used to think that people will always judge me. But it’s the other way around. I’m the one who judge them easily and I’m guilty for that.
    5. I used to think that men who wear pink are gays.
    Each one of us has personalities that differ from one another. We should stop judging people.

  18. Princess Leah Banoy ACT 184
    Part of our nature as humans is expressing ourselves, and saying or doing things we want as we notice and judge other people . It is an unconcious criticism or let us say, ” an oral or physical observation” we are unknowingly doing as we see people or events that are different to what we believe is acceptable and right, which eventually lead to generalization or “stereotyping”. And I know that I am one of the million people who ended up seeing everyone and everything as how I see one or an individual, maybe because of an aftermath of a bad event happened to me, things I personally witnessed or experienced and even because maybe I am like that. Everything in this world is becoming a “cliche” of everyone, a common thing that all beings are allegedly becoming. And to share some of those generalizations I have and feel guilty about are the following:
    1. All boys will always have a “reserve” if not notice by the first girl they like (even though I am not experiencing it, but this is what I had observed hehe)
    2. People now adays are becoming too open about the world, which makes unsual things usual, for instance the issue about teenage pregnancy, because people are becoming too open about it, it became just normal thing and nothing to be sensitive about)
    3. The usage of social media that making people used to being alone, for some reasons i think that social media taught people how to enjoy their own companion and not to commit themselves to others for there is this platform that could make them feel loved and cared about virtually.
    4. Social media-inclined people are living beyond the real them ( including me for some aspects) for their desire of being looked up and noticed by others, when in fact not all really
    5. Students are becoming arrogant, full of rants, self-centered and too much in fighting for their rights, losing the empathy and becoming too expressive to the point that we are forgetting our limitations and becoming disrespectful towards others and even to the institutions for the sake of expressing what we think and feel.

    These observations lead to fixed characteristics of people around me as what I think, and makes me biased or unfair for thinking that way . But I now understand that people were all different and it is unlikely to be the same as what I think they are.

  19. (ACT184) We live in a world where everyone has so much to say, has so much to voice out, and has so much to express not knowing when to stop and when to think about what’s being said and done. Let’s admit it, no one is an exception when it comes to stereotyping. We tend to think more than we are permitted towards others. Our level of acceptance has been affected by the social norms, standards, and ideals that we tend to forget that every person has their own set of it that they follow in order to feel self-love and self-acceptance. We are not entitled to put labels or think the worst about other people because each of us has designated paths and ways of living. People think that it’s convenient and more acceptable to generalize because that’s what everybody wants – to belong. Little did they know, when they do stereotyping and do all the labelings, they are actually killing the flame inside a person’s heart. A flame that means desire to be different and to be better than what other people think. Stereotyping is the root of all insults, inequality, and anxiety. If you don’t want to experience any of it, do not do it to others.

    Stereotypes I am guilty of:
    1. People especially those who came from the Arab world, do not often take a bath and smell unpleasant;
    2. I used to believe that people who wear eyeglasses are intelligent;
    3. I tend to generalize that people who have college course related to math, say, engineering/accountancy are good (hardcore) in mathematics;
    4. When I was a younger, I thought that people who consult Psychiatrists and Psychologists are mentally ill (baliw) only;
    5. I used to admire politicians because I thought that they are pure and their intention are to serve and help the country not knowing that many of them are proven to have hidden agenda; and
    6. Back then, I thought some of my relatives are greedy, mukhang pera, and pakitang-tao. I’ll just pray for them. (I guess I was right)

  20. Ma. Alcyra Aira M. Santos
    ACT 184

    Stereotyping is probably one of the most negative habits that all of us people may have. Us, humans, tend to generalize a particular group of people or ideas based on our own judgement that usually results to a negative proposition in life.

    I, myself, is no exeception to that. I also developed these ideas towards people due to some instances.

    The first one is that most of men are usually messy and untidy when it comes to their things and their surroundings. I was able to formalize this idea because my brother and my father and boys around me don’t do house chores and such.

    The second one is that every second born of the family is either alcoholic or stubborn. I just developed this ideas based on my observation with my friends’ siblings and also mine.

    The third idea is that all seaman are cheater. Since I was I child I always hear the term “SEAMAN-loloko”. And now that I’m all grown up, I was able to witness story that involving seaman on cheating issues.

    The fourth one is that those people who don’t finish their studies wouldn’t be successful in their lives. I cherish education so much, but as I grew up I witnessed people who doesn’t have a degree experiencing triumph in different fields.

    Lastly, I always have this impression towards indian people and the likes that its either they are giving loans like ” 5’6″ or they are involve in terrorist group.

  21. It’s always been a piece of cake for us when we were stereotyping what’s on the outside of a person. We can’t be so sure how true or untrue it was if how we perceive others, is what we think the majority of everything. Me in particular, I also got many stereotypes to people based on their outside appearance which I’m honestly guilty of. First, I think of those wealthy people as wicked and sassy. Second, a girl wearing too much revealing clothes is a slut (no offense but that was my stereotype when I was a kid). Third, if a person is an iPhone user, he or she is rich. Fourth, intelligent people are boastful. Lastly, people who got tattoos on their body are addict. I didn’t mean to offense anyone because of my stereotypes. As I’ve said, I’m guilty of my judgements and mistaken belief. But as time passed by, I get to know more what’s right from wrong and for me it is the paramount of all.

    ACT 184

  22. Once in our life, we people are guilty of generalizing ideas to other people based on their actions, behavior or beliefs. Little did we know that, we also hate being judged and generalized by others. That’s where stereotyping takes place. In my own experience, I hate to be generalized to something I didn’t even done but I am guilty on the thought on generalizing other people. First, although we are admonished “don’t judge a book by its cover”, we repeatedly defy that warning as we go about our daily lives responding to people on the basis of their facial appearance. We form first impressions from faces despite warnings not to do so. Second, I even believed before that the city of Manila will bring more opportunities for me and to my family but then I was wrong. Third, I hardly generalized that men are sexually predators in nature, and I was wrong again when I met my father who became my protector. Fourth, I also believed before when I was in the province that those people especially girls who wear daring clothes want to gain attention from men. Lastly, I always generalized this generation today but little did I know that the generation I am putting my judgement is also the generation I belonged to. I know I’ve done wronged so much in the past and learning frim those mistakes mold me and developed my outlook in life to be more open minded to the things I used to generalize before. I hate being judged but all along I’ve been doing to others what I don’t want them to do unto me.
    Stereotyping can be a poison to our mind, beware of taking it too hard.

  23. Ritchter Jascha Peñaloza ACT184
    Stereotype is an over-generalized belief about a particular category of people. Stereotypes are generalized because one assumes that the stereotype is true for each individual person in the category. There are things that I streotypes I know everyone have their own belief about this but this is how I see this things. First, women are often expected to be accommodating and emotional, while men are usually expected to be self-confident and aggressive back then I thought men are not allowed to express what they feel because I expected them to be strong and seeing tears from their eyes means weakness to me. Second, PWD deserve pity in this situation I thought I should have pity them but upon seeing the achievement of Nick Vujisic I realized that sometimes person with disability can do better than normal person. Third, Whenever I see girls with short hair I’m always thinking that they are broken. Fourth is when some tambays compliment or stare at me I’m thinking that they are thinking something pervert about me. Which is wrong. And lastly, Fat person is not adorable in this type I always overthinking that I’m not beautiful because I’m fat and then I realized that its not about our body its all about our confidence.

  24. Stereotyping refers to the typical picture that comes to mind
    then thinking about a particular social
    group. We all have this mind in some situation and things we encounter, and knowing that we easily gain a conclusions and that’s how stereotyping means. Racial remarks, sexual remarks, and gender remarks are the biggest stereotypes. And even me, Im guilty categorizing or stereotyping something. First, i believe that if someone wear eyeglasses and braces, she or he is a nerd. Second, a feminine man is gay and any masculine woman is a lesbian. Third, all politicians are corrupt, greedy and use their power for themselves. Fourth, a person who actively post what she’s or he’s doing is a fame whore. Lastly, mens can’t be loyal to his partner because i generalized that mens are the same.

  25. Ashley Nhicollete G. Dela Rosa

    Stereotype is an over-generalized belief about a particular category of people. And also stereotypes are generalized because one assumes that the stereotype is true for eazch individual person in the category.

    In today’s generation, We, the Filipinos are so judgmental. We noticed about other people on what are we saw at first. But we also hate being judged by other people. Some stereotypes that I’m guilty of are:

    1. I think all artists is OA or Over Acting.
    2. I think all OFW’s are rich.
    3. I think all students who are studying at universities are rich.
    4. I think all students who experienced the depression are ended up in death.
    5. Lastly, People who commit sins are hopeless.

  26. Christine Sael- ACT184

    Stereotyping refers to the typical picture that comes to mind
    then thinking about a particular social
    group. We all have this mind in some situation and things we encounter, and knowing that we easily gain a conclusions and that’s how stereotyping means. Racial remarks, sexual remarks, and gender remarks are the biggest stereotypes. And even me, Im guilty categorizing or stereotyping something. First, i believe that if someone wear eyeglasses and braces, she or he is a nerd. Second, a feminine man is gay and any masculine woman is a lesbian. Third, all politicians are corrupt, greedy and use their power for themselves. Fourth, a person who actively post what she’s or he’s doing is a fame whore. Lastly, mens can’t be loyal to his partner because i generalized that mens are the same.

  27. Lopez, Erika Yvette B.
    ACT 184

    Stereotypes are beliefs that turns into habit. First, I used to believe when I was a child that if your favorite color is pink, you need to be a girl and if your favorite color is blue, you need to be a boy. Second, I also somehow, and still believe that if someone wears eyeglasses, that someone is very smart. Third, if you have tattoos, you’re most likely to be “siga” or “adik but it’s just a way of expressing yourself. Fourth, if you’re skinny or sexy, you’re pretty. Lastly, if you’re a lady, you need to know all the household chores or cook. Now, I mostly don’t believe in them because society nowadays prove me wrong.

  28. act 184

    When I was younger there were some stereotypes I used to believe. Here are some examples:

    1. Person who has big tattoo are bad person.
    2. Everytime or whenever I saw a guy who wore pink clothes were gays.
    3. Person who wore glasses were all intelligent.
    4. Person who always curse had a bad attitude.
    5. People who worked abroad were rich.

    As I grow I learned that everything has its own story and meaning.

  29. I admit that verytime I meet or see different kind of persons, I judge them easily, I have these so called stereotypes.
    1. Before, when I see people wearing eyeglasses, I think of them as nerd.
    2. When I was young, I see girls wearing lipstick as a flirt
    3. Whenever I see people who uses phones with keypad and not touch screen, I judge them as poor people.
    4. Before, when I see photos or posts of people on Starbucks, I see them as a social climber.
    5. And when I see people who have white or fair skin color, I think of them as rich ones.

  30. Stereotype is a mistaken idea that all people are all the same.Stereotyping people is a type of prejudice because what is on the outside is a small part of who are they. There are example of it first are the native ilocanos know how kuripot they are, this critizes that almost all the ilocano are seen as kuripot in all aspect wherever they will go. Second are the social climbers that they need to be notice by everyone by their posts, pictures and in other aspects and believe to themselves that they are need to be like by everyone but it is far from the outside of social media. Next are that I believe in ghosts and souls. Fourth is that I believe in mangkukulam and mangbabarang since I saw it from my own eyes. Lastly is that I hate it when they go to church for the picture purposes and helping others by using other people just to became good in the naked eyes of such people.

  31. Stereotype is something that you believe just because of the group they belong to, even without proving it. I admit that I am no exception to this. First, I used to believe that people who smoke, has tattoos are bad people. Second, I believed that people with eyeglasses are genius. Third, I judge and got away from people who come near me when they look dangerous. Fourth, I believed that call center agents have a lower salary. And lastly, I believed that bookworms are intellegent and hardworking. As I grow up, I realized that those beliefs that I had is not always right, and by realizing these things, it helped me to be someone who is not a judger, and someone who doesn’t think in just one side of the story.

    Pamela Dianne M. Cenon

  32. Stereotyping is a form of judgment wherein people are being automatically classified/judged as some type of person for petty reasons such as coming from a certain group of people, family, appearance, attitude, and the likes. I am a person who is VERY HYPOCRITICAL when it comes to stereotypes. I hate it when people are stereotyping me or others but I am quite guilty of stereotyping as well. I tend to judge people very easily. For example, if a girl is close to guys or has many guy friends, she is stereotyped as “malandi”. I am soooo guilty of this. I used to scoff at the thought of girls being “cozy” with guys because I used to think they’re flirty. GUILTY. Another stereotype is that conservative women become old maidens. I don’t really know where I got this. Probably from the comments of my family to some of my aunts but it just became part of my beliefs, but not anymore lol. Third, is that if a guy is not manly or is little lanky, he is gay. However, I don’t have anything against gay people. Another stereotype is that people who don’t go to church are bad people. I used to think I’m such a bad person because I, myself, don’t go to church that much. Lastly, I am super guilty of stereotyping young people who are always in the streets or “tambays” are those who have no direction in life. However, I don’t believe in these stereotypes anymore. I am more open-minded, especially nowadays.

    ACT184 – Ramos, Patricia Gwen

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