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10 Reason you should visit Macau

Macau is a place that is full of different cultures. When you come to Macau, you will find that you can see so many different things there.

Macau is a place that full of different cultures. When you come to Macau, you will find that you can see so many different things there. Macao was the colony of Portugal, and you may see those Portuguese style buildings around, that might be so of those working place of Government agencies. Macau is a city separate in to three parts, there is Macau (Peninsula), Taipa and Coloane. Although there got 3 parts in Macau, but Macau is still really small place ,but the advantage of small place is you can find everything you need and you don’t need to take for a long time, and there also got many convenient store and fast food shop which work for 24 hours around everywhere. Now, we are going to talk about those reason why you should visit Macau.


1.Macau is a city near Philippines and it will not be too expensive to have a flight there. And you only need to take around one and a half hour. Compared to other countries, it will be cheaper and also you can enjoy different culture in a city, and you may also enjoy those beautiful sights in the city that different with Philippine.


2. Many of Filipino went Macau before, and there have also a lot of Filipino work there, although you lose your way, you could ask them for help. And also ,you may know where do people like to go, and you may go there to know why those people like to go there, you may find any thing you need every where in the city street, so you don’t need to worry about if you can’t got things that you need ,durgs, food and bus, taxi, you may found those every where , and you may also enjoy the night in Macau.

 3.Macau is a safety modern city ,you don’t need to worry about crime and natural disasters , the policy is Macau is very good ,even you go out night time ,but there is still safe ,you don’t need to worry about bad guys there or thereis some dangous happen like fire ,hospital are near to those place, and you don’t have to worry it would be far form your place , because Macau is small, and most of the people in Macau know English , although not so good, but you can still communicate with them.

 4.You may like the food in Macau, maybe you would ask ,why I have to try food in Macau in Macao but not in other place? It is because you can find many food that you have never taste before, even some Chinese traditional food ,you can’t really taste it from other place, people in Macao are busy and live difficulty, that’s why they like to enjoy good food in their life, because they don’t have enough time to rest, so at least they can have something make them feel good in their daily life.

5.Macau become more and more famous in the world, more and more people from different country come to visit Macau .People like to go to those famous place in Macau and taking pictures and enjoying their time ,and also ,good food are every where in Macau, even you when far to take pictures, but you can still find delicious food around, although those streets look similar , but maybe those food that you like might be just around you!

6.Macau got a pair of panda there, actually ,panda is a kind of endangered creature in the world ,they just eat bamboo in China Sichuan. And we got a pair of panda in Macau, it is a very rare chance for people who like panda, maybe you know panda from video and games, but you got chance to see a panda in Macau while you having a trip, actually ,even people in Macau didn’t saw a real panda. And you may take some more picture to bring to your friend and relatives.

7.Macau is some where make people want to live in , just as I say , its really convenient in this city, you may find every thing you want ,and also ,things that you may buy is not so expensive, and also food, you can find those good food by using cheap price.

8.You may go Hong Kong if you want , you only need to spend 1 hour to travel by ship to go there. And it don’t really cost much, if you like a busier city ,you may go Hong Kong and you may find something which you like but you can’t find everywhere.

9.If you like to go out at night ,you will like Macau, there is many place that you may go at night time, even romantic place or somewhere to play ,those you have in Philippine you can also find in Macau, just like karaoke , bar and club and also game center. People who like to play at night would go those places for their night. And also some of the people who like to go casinos and seaside ,you may also go there to enjoy your night .

10.You have already read all of this, that means actually you are interested in Macau, you should really try how is your Macau trip be ,and maybe you would like to come Macau again, and to know more about Macau and live in this city, you will find a different feeling of that, I promise that you will like Macau, but just don’t forget to do researching before you when there, although there is wifi every where, but you should know about those basic things before you when there, for an expel , you should know about where will you leave ,and those price of the things you want to buy.

If you really went Macau, I am sure you will have an unforgettable trip, have fun, good luck.

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