Icarus Unbound

Every saint I’ve ever met was steeped in sins of past regret

Icarus Unbound

Bad habits are for the birds
but we all love to fly

and no matter how hard
wings are flapped
some cycles are still
so hard to shake

Every saint I’ve ever met
was steeped in sins of past regret

of mud, of dirt,
of dust, of ash,
of sun, of moon
of rise, of crash

Good will is born in your heart
but the key is turned through action

I’ll lock my love and hate away
and pray the Lord my soul to take
so if smiles alight when morning comes
let’s sing and weep for lessons learned


Scott Thomas Outlar

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  1. Prose and poetry. Any piece of literature has its own life once it has been spread. The interpretation of readers varies, sometimes they are different from what the author felt while writing. And as ti how I interpret this poem is more of a farewell. A person who is about to be gone and telling others how to react about it, because that’s life. Before his day comes, he prays that after a roller coaster ride on earth, the God above let him rest in everlasting peace. And the people around him can agonize for their lost but they shall take the lesson from his existence.

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