Indeed our adventures and pictures are for keeps
Yet staring with your smile from your cheeks,
Makes me cry that your eyes never lie
I can’t stop asking myself WHY?

Why mistakes are inevitable?
Why you are being too uncomfortable?
Why everyone needs an answer?
If I am the only one who suffers?

Sometimes it’s good to stop than to pause
Coz, keeping things together may result in a loss
Change is not tantamount with quit
It’s betterment for us not to feel the guilt

I never wanted to be a prisoner,
By my own doleful decision, and now it’s over
This is not for a selfish gain
But for us to stop the pain

Even we are far from each other
We can still see the same sky forever
Even the lovely flowers are dying
We can still grow, so stop waiting

I came to your life as a lesson
You’re my bliss and no more vicious question,
I’ll break the tie of us
But remember you’re my beautiful past


There’s a beauty between those darkest hours just like stars?


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MC Ragasa


Dhana Lhey Antonio

We may be miles apart, we may not be destined to be together, but atleast we tried.

Nino Anton Ortiz

Maybe now the word “you” and “I” is over but the time will come that the word “You” and “I” will be forever.

Julia Pauline Nieva

Life is unexpectedly funny… No matter who you want to be for life, there is always someone that is destine…

Isabelle Krizia Segundo

Isabelle Krizia P. Segundo, CIV192, Art Appreciation, Colors, MX

John Joseph Flores

[John Joseph T. Flores], [CIV192], [ART APPRECIATION],Lights, [MX]

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