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Sometimes, letting go of a person, or even just memory of a person is painful. Similar to freeing a dragonfly. Setting free a dragonfly only to get bitten in the process.




It was so beautiful,

gleaming huge and iridescent

gold and green and blue and black.

With wings that should have been clear,

filled with shining rainbows

not like this, twisted at strange angles

and dulled with sticky silk.

Not stuck there waiting

to be prepared for some spider’s supper.

I held it gently

and took it from the web.

I carefully removed the sticky silk

and saw the rainbows sparkle as they should,

saw it’s eyes brighten and gleam

with the prospect of freedom.

It took a while, this disentanglement,

a delicate task to free this fragile creature.

And when it was ready,

I opened my fingers and

let it fly away.

It bit me then.

No parting kiss,

but a bite that

left a bruise.

Such gratitude!

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Lynn White
I live in north Wales. I have been writing at various points in my life since I was in my teens. My work is influenced by issues of social justice and events, places and people I has known or imagined. I am especially interested in exploring the boundaries of dream, fantasy and reality.
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  1. Julia Pauline Nieva
    Julia Pauline Nieva

    It hurts at first but as when time pass by, you will remember every memory of that person and maybe someday, you will live a happier life…

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