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Mirror Mirror

In reality, people don’t accept the person they see in the mirror. They are those who listen to people’s useless and negative opinions.

Mirror Mirror (on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?)

Who would’ve thought that a mirror has a significant role in a person’s life? Perhaps you are aware that a mirror almost reflects your exact physical characteristics but seeing yourself in the mirror, do you become conscious of whether you emit good and bad characteristics? Of course, you see yourself by looking at the mirror but would you look deep within those eyes of yours?

A person like you can lie on anyone; you can fake a smile an attitude or even hide your unique personality. But a simple mirror cannot lie whether you’re ugly or not. The mirror shows but you’re the one who will tell. You can tell if the mirror is telling the truth you can tell if the mirror is selfish, irresponsible, or worse, if cruel. Those are the qualities that are created on your own. To tell you the truth that is not how mirror should work because mirror shows your self-worth reflects your image and you’ll see everything that needs to develop within yourself. So, how does a person like me can easily tell if all of these are true if I am credible enough to say this kind of meaning for just a simple mirror? The answer is so simple. A mirror is the reflection of truth. Well, for me it is definitely a yes because of my personal experiences. I’ve been looking in a mirror all these years trying to see how I look. Time passed by and I realized how I grow, how I looked matured at this point in time and how mirrors became my friend. The mirror can tell whether I am happy, sad, mad or lonely. Yes, I see myself smiling but the mirror helps me how to look deep within my eyes. It reveals the happiness, sadness, and anger that I felt. How funny it is for me to boast about what mirror can do. Well  in a fake world, mirror can be your basis because it’s you who deal with yourself. It’s just that mirror is the medium for you to see it clearly.

What I am pointing about is not only literally looking at a mirror but reflecting who really you are. If someone treated you in an unpleasant way, belittle you and insult you and worse you can’t do anything but to bow down and hide your face. Honestly, we can’t pinpoint those people and just let our anger burst because we will just show what they are really seeing instead we reflect everything that had to happen. Why am I treated that way? Who am I to let them does it and what did I do for them to make me feel like this? You reflect if the problem is them or if it is actually you. How lucky we are that mirror doesn’t only shows are external appearance but also our internal self. But what important is dealing with yourself because yourself is your worst enemy? Why? Because people’s opinions about you can also be your mirror. Whether they judge you or admire you, you will comprehend or improve yourself and take it as a mirror to reflect about yourself.

In reality, people don’t accept the person they see in the mirror. They are those who listen to people’s useless and negative opinions. They are being dependent on people’s judgment instead of believing themselves. It is because they don’t appreciate their worth and who really they are. The only thing they need is a mirror for them to reflect. They need to realize that the person they see in the mirror is the real one.


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