Colors of The Day

Colors of The Day

Colors of the day,

seen through crystal eyes.

Visions of shade and light.

Night escapes hue,

hiding in her fantasy.

Grays speak loud and harsh,

drowning out dusk.

Dawn enters golden and ripe.

Secret passageways,

of mind and eye,

wander along a river

of liquid brilliance.

Forests speak in green,

as blue begets the sky.

And rainbow crowns the

earth as master overall.


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Ann Christine Tabaka

Just Breathe is my seventh book of poetry, which includes two Haiku & Senryu books. This is my first book of all micro-poems. I love the challenge of telling a complete story in as few words as possible like a breath of fresh air.


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Zacarias,Hannah Clarice;AISP01,Art appreciation and Lights and MX; color

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Eyanah Ellaine Pablo, ACT182, Art Appreciation and Color and Golden Hour

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