Missed is an essay written and shared by Mira Dizon to The Ugly Writers under the theme Love for the month of May.   Missed   Saying the word “I miss you” isn’t a sufficient thing. I would like to…

My Journey As A Writer

This was the time when writing escalated through my heart  and I escaped from the darkness. I turned into a nomad from then, I swam the ocean of quotes, traveled from the countries of verses  to the valleys of poems and then found myself in a boat crossing  the river of gullible metaphors.
the ugly writers


There's still One life left. Only to find in the end... That the missing piece Is you...
the ugly writers

Walang Gana

Oo, nakakapagod na ang makipabuno sa takbo ng buhay ngayon. Minsan ay naisip mo na rin na sana ay maglaho ka nalang na parang bula upang matapos na ang lahat. Lahat ng nararanasan mong pagkabagot, paghihirap at pagka antala sa iyong buhay.
the ugly writers


To this day, I am raising my white flag. Stop. I don’t want to see, feel, hear, smell, or taste you again LOVE. You are my kryptonite, or worse, you are my grim reaper.