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The weekend’s two-day concert by K-pop group NCT Dream in Manila was a blast, leaving NCTzens (the group’s fandom) with dreamy memories.

Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, and Jisung dominated the night with electrifying performances and endearing fan interactions, promising to return with member Chenle who was absent due to a health issue.

“Glitch Mode” from the group’s second studio album of the same name, along with the songs “Countdown (3,2,1)” and “Stronger,” were used by the NCT sub-unit to hype the night.

The group also performed  “Dreaming,” from NCT’s third studio album “Universe,”.

The six members of NCT Dream not only performed on captivating sets for songs like “Quiet Down,” “Diggity,” and “Fire Alarm,” but they also gave impressive vocal performances on songs like “ANL,” “Dive Into You,” “Irreplaceable,” and “Better Than Gold.”

Fiery stages for songs like “Ridin’,” “Boom,” and “Hot Sauce.”

As a unit, Haechan and Renjun sang “Sorry, Heart,” as Chenle’s vcr plays on screen for his part of the song. The members also, ask the fans in to join them in singing the accapella version leded by NCT Dream’s member Renjun.

NCT Dream members shared their amazement with their Filipino NCTzens toward the end of the evening.

Mark claimed that although Chenle’s absence was regrettable, the group truly wanted to go back to the Philippines.

The group’s leader also promise to comeback as 7Dream with Chenle soon.

The Filipino NCTzens’ also prepared and a fan project which is the polaris lights while singing NCT Dream’s “Hello Future”.

The fans’ lightstick wave, which Mark claimed they had never seen before, was one of the evening’s highlights.

NCT Dream sang soothing songs like “My youth” and “Walk you home” to fans as they concluded the group’s last day of the concert.

The Group closed out the show by performing “Candy,” a song that was first made popular by the Korean boy band H.O.T, which was affiliated with the former’s organization SM Entertainment.

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