Tossing Heads

Tossing Heads

Tossing Heads is a poem written by Pulkita Anand and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Disenchanted for the month of May


Tossing heads




bloody sun busy in

tossing building heads like an evening toast

Shards fell like playing cards’ houses,

Skylit with firefly dropping fire

Licked by everything

On the ground which becomes zero,

Rivers soaring smoke embracing souls,

The hulking peace sneaks in the corner,

Hurriedly stepped on the puddle of blood

Statues wiping blood-stained faces of stars

Gloomy crimson sky shrinking into shrieks

Of sirens, trucks, tankers, jets zooming

Booming and bombing,

Packing the old flabby junk of moon,

Returning birds return to collect ration

Take a resting refuge in the refugee camp

Alien hope on its UFO gibber in Latin.

Mauling and maiming the soul of the earth

Jigging jingoism by the jugglers

Ruined verses hang on broken houses

Amputated life limps ghostly on nightmarish

Streets like a loon craze for love,

Reaping the crops of revenge, sowing hatred.

Pulkita Anand

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