Love and Connection

I admit it I’m like you and everybody, im attracted by a person based on how they look. Either how they style their hair, the way they smile, the way they walk or the clothes they wear. But I think that those physical traits or appearance are very common and ordinary.  I realized that why not fall in love with someone with a beautiful mind.  Someone with a beautiful mouth that only speaks a positive word like saying what you truly feel to a person, telling the things that you are passionate about like, designing, dancing, reading or painting. Talk about dreams and hopes, talk about childhood memories or even the most painful part of your life.

Twin flame for me is not a partner, but another you. That’s why it burns strongly but doesn’t last. The thing about looking in the mirror is that you can never touch the reflection. You feel seen, yet stagnant. Being afraid of losing them that it nearly burns you. You try to say goodbye through art, music and dates. You listen to sad music even though you’re excited that it affects you not being able to sleep at night. You keep saying that “this is good to be true “And it is, but the closer you are to losing them, the closer you are to finding yourself. You’re faced in making a hard decision of choosing in where you can either be with your twin flame or you can be by your own. Twin flame comes into your life as a guide for you, not a partner. They come to break you open and reflect on who you’ll become. They leave a deep scar in your heart that never fully heals. That wound is where your art comes from. The abyss. And from that place your dreams are more bigger than ever and you realize that’s why they had to leave, they had to leave so you could become what you love about them, because it was an unrealized part of yourself. Love is not the main sound but the echo. They sweep you off of your feet, only to drop you in a cliff, so you had no choice but to learn how to fly on your own.

A soulmate doesn’t fall in love with you, it’s the one that walks with you into love. It’s calm. You feel safe right before it even started. You almost dose off of not noticing it, realizing you love yourself around them and how beautiful the vibe whenever you are together. Something so strong and structed that are not meant to break you open. It’s meant to be there to hold you so you can focus on yourself and also the other person able to do the same. Both of your dreams walk beside each other effortlessly, as if it were soulmates too.  You don’t feel of thinking how long it would last because it doesn’t feel like a race of accomplishing something rather it feels like your soul are intertwining and moving forward together. Everywhere you go, you both creates a whole bunch of memories and dreams.

Xianel De Guzman

Xianel De Guzman

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