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Who Dares To Save You?

Who Dares To Save You? is a poem entry written by Jessica Violeta and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Disenchanted for the month of May


Who Dares to Save You?


Some days don’t feel like worth living—days wherein your soul is dying. Sad days are worse like dying days where everything is cursed. The world revolving around me is lightless and here I am screaming for someone to save me yet all of their eyes are on me watching me drown with the angst of my own oceans– watching me drown with the waves that I once admire. Have you ever imagined yourself stuck in the midst of darkness without anything and mostly without anyone? Then there is this another you who will take over your thoughts, who will control your soul, and who will keep on making you believe that you are hopeless, worthless, useless, and helpless. Like the pain of yesterday that taunts me day by day finding anything that will cause me pain. Depression and sadness have the same ideology but depression is a mental illness wherein too much sadness takes over you. Just like clouds shrouding the horizon again, slowly, covering the sun—a rare and flawless one. How come someone like me is a stranger to himself? Because I once let the world use me for their own good; I give them a piece of me just to make them whole, and because of that I start to build walls and it made me forget who I was. All I want is someone to hold me whenever I have nightmares. All I want is someone to be just there to tame the beast within me. All I want is someone to accept me because this is all I am. You save everyone from the depths of their own darkness. You save them from drowning in their own ocean. No matter how many wounds it would take, no matter how dangerous it will be, you still save them. Yet have you ever asked yourself, who dares to save you? Unravel the folds of thy words by those sinful lips of thee. Now it’s your turn to save her—save her from drowning from the depths of her own oceans while the waves are still shallow.


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