Enchantress’s Disillusionment

Enchantress’s Disillusionment is a poem entry written by Julianna Romano and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Disenchanted for the month of May.



Enchantress’s Disillusionment


In the realm of dreams and fairy tales,

Where enchantment weaves its mystic trails,

Lies a tale of disillusionment profound,

A whispered lament in every sound.

Once upon a time, a heart was light,

Bathed in magic, oh, what a sight!

But illusions fade, like morning mist,

And reality’s touch, it can’t resist.

The princess fair, with golden hair,

Danced through life without a care,

Believing in love’s eternal flame,

But soon, it too played a cruel game.

The prince, so noble, with eyes so kind,

Promised forever, forever entwined,

But his words were empty, his vows untrue,

Leaving the princess lost, her trust askew.

The castle walls, once gleaming bright,

Now echoed with sorrow, day and night,

For the spell of happiness had been broken,

Leaving the princess disenchanted, heartbroken.

Gone were the songs, the laughter, the cheer,

Replaced by a cynical, jaded veneer,

In this shattered land of what once was,

Where dreams turned to ashes, love’s lost cause.

Yet deep within, a flicker remains,

A spark of hope that defies the chains,

For even in darkness, a light may gleam,

To rekindle the princess’s shattered dream.

So she gathers the fragments of her heart,

And embarks on a journey, a brand-new start,

To find her own magic, her own true bliss,

To reclaim the enchantment she dearly missed.

For though disenchanted, she’s not alone,

In this world where hearts have turned to stone,

And with each step forward, she’ll heal and grow,

Reignite her spirit, let her true self show.

So raise a toast to the disenchanted souls,

Whose dreams were shattered, yet still unfold,

For in their struggles, a strength will rise,

And they’ll find enchantment in their own reprise.

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