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Brand Specialist

August 10, 2016

Death Toll 9 He woke up and found himself five blocks from his workplace. He overslept again. It has been…


August 10, 2016

Death Toll 8 Her white uniform is drenched in blood. She can’t tell if it is hers but she knew…

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The Queen Bee

August 10, 2016

Death Toll 7 The Al Sufouh Road is the best highway to give a blow job on the go. Add…


August 10, 2016

Death Toll 6 Whether you are tending to guests or behind the counter, working for a cruise ship is luxurious…

sales, marketing, company, corporate setting

Sales and Marketing

August 10, 2016

Death Toll 5: Sales and Marketing. Marketing for a fire suppression system is not a very lucrative job, she thought.…

The Window

August 10, 2016
She was on her second class for the day. The profs were boring at best. Her eyes wandered off at the construction site nearby. This is why she loved sitting beside the window. She started staring at the window since her parents separated. She watched at the window as her dad hailed a cab and left.
Death Toll 3

The Retirement

August 10, 2016
Tony was days away from his retirement. But his last case may literally be his last.

The Planner

August 10, 2016

Death Toll 2 She just did an all-nighter for her first project as an events planner. Things are finally going…


the ugly writers


January 26, 2024
So, when I die my residue will soon grow something beautiful. More beautiful than I ever was.
the ugly writers


January 22, 2024
I can not make sense of it all Not completely Even when it is right in front of me
the ugly writers

Shadows and Light

January 19, 2024
Light comes in layers. Bright, revealing, glare that cast shadows. Shadows that seem even darker because of the light.
the ugly writers


January 17, 2024
My wounded soul is stuck in this pattern of fancying people like him, never ready to love back.
the ugly writers

Tahan Na

January 15, 2024
Huwag kalimutang ikaw  ay may itinatagong yaman at ganda Sa tamang tao wala ng dapat patunayan pa
the ugly writers


January 12, 2024
i have my  hand outstretched to this younger version of you
the ugly writers


January 10, 2024
We create so many masks  so many masks to hide behind, to hide our faces to hide ourselves.
the ugly writers


January 5, 2024
You are unique, precious, and rare indeed,  Respect your body, its strength and its need.
the ugly writers

Embers of Hope

January 3, 2024
Separated from the familiar comforts of family and home, I have felt the winds of change transforming the whispers of the wilderness into secrets that only its rugged terrain could decipher
the ugly writers


January 1, 2024
I like to think you know nothing about every object that floats underneath my sky