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the ugly writers

how light exists

December 25, 2023
how you could create light, so beautiful, shining in your own spectrum
the ugly writers


December 22, 2023
I remember the joy of touching your strings,  Wishing those moments would forever bring,
the ugly writers

The Ifs of Us

December 18, 2023
But for now, just you and I matters. Don’t mind the distance. It’s you and me and nothing else.
the ugly writers

you’re here, at last

December 15, 2023
as I finally toss you into the abyss, you always find your way back home to me
Commuters and the Rain

Commuters and the Rain

December 13, 2023
Umuulan sa España. That one line from the song that set the mood for the rain I was experiencing.
the ugly writers

Countdown: Minutes to Midnight

December 11, 2023
Tick Tock Tick Tock The clock hands run, the strings are strummed Each click, each beat, another moment pass
the ugly writers


December 8, 2023
Sabi nga nila sa mundong ito, Meron nagkalaan para sa atin, Merong para talaga sayo
the ugly writers

Dream Job

December 6, 2023
All day at work I had that feeling, that something was wrong, creeping up behind me. I caught shadows moving in dark places. Sounds just below hearing, lights flashed in my periphery, small signal fires, warnings.
the ugly writers

Only Onwards

December 4, 2023
A lot of us who have had to deal with the tribulations of life so young, realize it young too. What is there to sugarcoat when you do not even truly have the means to?
the ugly writers


December 1, 2023
I have been birthed with the knowledge of everything — beautiful; destroyed and corrupted
the ugly writers

Supremo 160

November 30, 2023
Sa araw na ito ay gusto kitang batiin. Kahit na nung pinakita ko yung larawan mo sa mga estudyante ko dati ang sabi nila “Si Apolinario Mabini!” dahil ang akala nilang itsura mo ay yung may itak na nakapang-magsasaka.
the ugly writers


November 24, 2023
everyday, wanting it to rain with notions of walking barefoot on wet asphalt; lying down on a patch of wet, green grass
the ugly writers

An Open Letter To All Young People

November 22, 2023
Dear young ones! The sun is about to set, and so are we Remember your creator while the days of your youth are still free
the ugly writers

Into the Woods

November 20, 2023
Amidst the trees, I lose my fear Their hushed wisdom draws me near
the ugly writers

Lone Wolf

November 17, 2023
It may be melancholic when you think about being lone, be fine still. Trust that the universe has it’s own way of making things wonderful and amazing.


the ugly writers


January 26, 2024
So, when I die my residue will soon grow something beautiful. More beautiful than I ever was.
the ugly writers


January 22, 2024
I can not make sense of it all Not completely Even when it is right in front of me
the ugly writers

Shadows and Light

January 19, 2024
Light comes in layers. Bright, revealing, glare that cast shadows. Shadows that seem even darker because of the light.
the ugly writers


January 17, 2024
My wounded soul is stuck in this pattern of fancying people like him, never ready to love back.
the ugly writers

Tahan Na

January 15, 2024
Huwag kalimutang ikaw  ay may itinatagong yaman at ganda Sa tamang tao wala ng dapat patunayan pa
the ugly writers


January 12, 2024
i have my  hand outstretched to this younger version of you
the ugly writers


January 10, 2024
We create so many masks  so many masks to hide behind, to hide our faces to hide ourselves.
the ugly writers


January 5, 2024
You are unique, precious, and rare indeed,  Respect your body, its strength and its need.
the ugly writers

Embers of Hope

January 3, 2024
Separated from the familiar comforts of family and home, I have felt the winds of change transforming the whispers of the wilderness into secrets that only its rugged terrain could decipher
the ugly writers


January 1, 2024
I like to think you know nothing about every object that floats underneath my sky