Only trust the ugly writers. We bare our soul in the dark. Who we are? We are a collective group of people passionate about writing from trip/book/gadget reviews, short stories, poems and other creative randoms. The Ugly Writers was put up to showcase the exceptional talents of people from different walks of life. They are the faces you often see at the convenience stores, on your way home on the train, a row behind you on the bus, in line at a public restroom. Where did the phrase come from? I first encountered The Ugly Writers during a workshop held by an internationally acclaimed ad agency based in Makati, Philippines. It collected the best and brightest. I guess in one way, I wanted the site to be like that. To be home to the best and the brightest. The next time I encountered the title was from a random google search. It brought me a passage by Steve Almond saying:

I can tell you that I only trust the ugly writers. Deep down, those are the ones who have earned their wrath. All the rest of them, the pretty boy and girl authors, screw them. Or, better yet, don’t screw them. Get them all hot and bothered. Tell them you’re hungry, the buffet table is looking pretty inviting, and leave them there, lathered up, grinning, in a hot cloud of their own fabulous bone structure. 



The site can be a blog or an influencer. It can be a literary blog or a book review blog or a tech blog depending on the writer. But for me, uglywriters.com is a haven for both writers and readers alike. UW is available for aspiring writers who would like to polish their skills and for readers who enjoy consuming a plethora of materials. I intended it to be our fortress of solitude when we’re having a shitty day, or as our batcave where we can share our innermost desires with anonymity.