To maintain and promote the writing habit, The Ugly Writers aspires to a culture of awareness and appreciation in the literary arts and is dedicated to supporting and bolstering the ongoing growth of varied cultures and the arts both within and outside of creative writing.

the ugly writers

Who We Are: 

This eclectic community is made up of published authors, aspiring writers, budding poets and spirited bloggers from the Philippines, the United States, United Kingdom, India, Singapore, Pakistan, Nigeria and the U.A.E.

Where did the phrase The Ugly Writers come from?

First encountered the phrase “The Ugly Writers” during a workshop held by an internationally acclaimed ad agency based in Makati, Philippines. It collected the best and the brightest minds. In a way, this site aims to be exactly like that – To be home to every passionate content creators worldwide. The next time we encountered the title was from a random google search. It brought us a passage by Steve Almond saying:

I can tell you that I only trust the ugly writers. Deep down, those are the ones who have earned their wrath. All the rest of them, the pretty boy and girl authors, screw them. Or, better yet, don’t screw them. Get them all hot and bothered. Tell them you’re hungry, the buffet table is looking pretty inviting, and leave them there, lathered up, grinning, in a hot cloud of their own fabulous bone structure. 

the ugly writers

Our Mission:

Our advocacy is to promote the habit of reading while providing an avenue for writers to showcase their brilliant craft in story, essay and poetry writing.

Our Vision:

In the age of social media, The Ugly Writers aims to make a mark in the field of education and literature as the authority for any written creative endeavors.

All works by our members do not necessarily reflect the core belief of the entire community. Read at your own risk. You’ll love them!

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