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Dishant Tripathi

Writer, Entrepreneur, Traveller, Unfortunate engineer ?

Watch closely…

You know, here in India, we don't have that fashion of leaving a tip at a hotel or restaurant.  We just do it at the bar. Yesterday evening I left the biggest tip of my life for this guy. He used to work at my site earlier now he works as a waiter..


Sometimes, the highway feels like a perfect place to be.. Cars, lights, strangers...and endless roads for as far as I can see.. Haha look! I can't find my key.. But let's blame the whiskey..


I was at a bar last night. I had a big bad tough day and I thought I'll go a few rounds with my liver before I hit the sack. In all such times I go to this bar called Rainbow but yesterday I went to a different one. I got drunk and everything and then asked the bartender to get me the bill. When he went away to get the bill, I thought I'll get my wallet from my back pocket till then. But look at the bummer! Back pocket does not have the only thing it is supposed to have - My wallet!

New beginning of a dead end!

Yesterday, I needed a guy to work at my site urgently, like it was really really urgent for me to have one more guy before the next day's morning otherwise I would have faced a great loss for no good. This one guy who already works with me already had a guy in his contact who was looking for some work lately. So I told my guy to come with me to the city later in the evening and introduce me to him.