Growing up without you is hard, I used to envy others who would go out and play with their fathers. I used to think why can’t I do that. Because you were taken away from me too early.

Book Review: The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen

There is a bit of magic in this book. And I adore the story. I love all the characters except for this annoying stepmom. The story is all about family secrets from generation to generation. This is an easy read and just amazing.

friends to strangers the ugly writers

Friends to Strangers

From strangers to friends and now back to strangers again. As if, you and me haven’t met in this lifetime. It is quite sad that we end up this way. But, I have definitely no regrets about everything

Love Me the ugly writers

Love Me

what’s the use of dreaming
one thing I’m sure it’s true
at least in my dreams I’m feeling
that someday you’ll love me too

i didn't know the ugly writers binibining e

I Didn’t Know

I didn’t know if you knew
that I am falling for you
I didn’t know how to tell you
that I really do love you

Book Review: Chasing Mindy by Carla De Guzman

This book made me feel things, it makes me warm inside while reading this, it open my eyes to see how beautiful Paris is in the eyes of the characters, it felt like I was also there.

Blog Tour Book Review for The Secrets That We Keep (A #HeistClub New Blood Anthology)

TITLE: The Secrets That We Keep (A #HeistClub New Blood Anthology) AUTHOR:  Featured Stories by New #HeistClub Authors: Blunt | DeChavez | Lanz | Manlapaz | Trinidad Short Stories from Original #HeistClub Authors: Guibone | Manalang | Recio | Soriano Excerpts from Upcoming #HeistClub Authors: Castro | Gonzales | Larsen | Manalang | Manocot | Nava…



Pinangarap at inasam na makaharap ka
ngunit sadyang dikta ng panahon na ilayo ka.
Lumipas ang ilang taon na araw araw
kausap ka, kakwentuhan ka,
ngunit wala sa isip mo na ako’y
nabibighani na sayo.

Book Review: Anathema by Mark Nye & Simon Farrant I

This is not for the faint of heart and not really for the children. And yes, some of the stories are morbid, gruesome and sexual. I am glad that I got through with it and not vomit from the gruesomeness of these stories.

Blog Tour Book Review: Start Here (Short Stories of First Encounters)

Signed up for the Blog Tour and received an epub copy of this anthology in exchange for an honest review. This is my second blog tour and yes it’s still #romanceclass. Blog tour runs from February 19 – 23, 2018.

Book Review: All My Lonely Islands by VJ Campilan

This book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This is the Grand Prize Winner for the 2015 Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature.

Book Review: The First Phone Call from Heaven

When I, started reading it I was excited and curious with the flow of the story. I like it and I have enjoyed reading the characters story. It is a good thing that the story was told in the characters voices.