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Mahal ako ni Nanay

Mahal ako ni nanay mula sa simula. Iniingatan at inaalagaan kahit nasa sinapupunan pa lamang. Pinaparamdam ang pagmamahal sa simpleng haplos lamang. Kinakausap ng buong pagmamahal, nangangako na palalakihin akong malusog,matalino at puno ng kabutihan, Mapagmahal at may takot sa…

in the next room or the vibrator play

An amazing sex comedy stage play, with great actors and actresses, a well organized Victorian setting, a great audio quality of voices and sound effects, a colorful well fashioned suits and dresses, and a super interesting topic of the story.…


Hold your head Up high Look at the world In the eye You have no reason For self-doubt Because you’re perfect Inside And out ***

Dare to Go

You dare to go Where few have tread Following your heart Instead of your head That’s what makes it All worthwhile You took a risk Now you can smile *** If you liked this poem, please hit LIKE below and…

Unconditional Love

the ugly writers
Unconditional Love     Close your eyes unclog your mind now think of a face who makes you smile the most. you need to spend more time with this person, without much deliberation.   Sheena Dutta    

The Fly

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I woke up on my bed a few days after my wife died. I was staring at the ceiling when I noticed a fly. It was there. Not moving. Looking down at me. I stared at it for hours. Finally,…