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Once, I Lost My Life

Once, I lost my life
since the first day I saw you at the bay, sitting in the sand where the big trees shading you from the sun, I was at the other side sipping my fresh coconut water while waiting for the sun to set down...


It’s a little smaller and a bit more expensive And the floors are vinyl wood tile not tightly wound carpet Everything from the old apartment fits in here except the double shelves My living room work tables (poetry binders, CDs)…

Take Strength

Take Strength theuglywriters
The word feminism means equality of rights of both the genders. God created men physically stronger than women to do things requiring power. However, there might be a few exceptions. Similarly, God made women equally, but differently powerful. Oh, our endurance and patience! We can bear children which men can not.

A Lost Friend…

I lost a friend of mine at the age of nine. A friend who was as if, carrying my blood. Still now my memories do flood with all the moments, penned down by us. He got lost, because of a…

Pursuit of Happiness

What do we really want? The question we know the answer. But, in denial to the fact because we need to move forward and survive.


I never thought we’d ever reach this moment, he and I, here. We sat down on the cold grass, looked up at the sky to see the Supermoon.

Mufti’s Affair

Mufti's Affair
Read Rekha Harjwani's short story sequel to Gupshup about trust, honesty, secrecy and extra-marital affairs.

Goku’s New Super Saiyan Form

A Peek at Dragon Ball Super’s Leveled-up characters Yes, we are all excited with the Dragon Ball Z 1 Hour Special. Dragon Ball Z fans are doing everything it takes to have their own spoilers. Much is being anticipated with…

The Otherwise

The Otherwise
You kept me hanging. I hate you for ensuring your power over me. You got addicted to the controlling power you have over me. Maybe I was just a convenience to you. However, you know that you can do everything that you want with or without me.