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Shi Hui | IreviewUread

More than a Beauty Blogger, Less than a Youtuber. Shi Hui is a confused being that produce beauty and lifestyle reviews on her blog and youtube channel. Besides that she also produces DIY tutorial and vlogs about her life in Singapore. Read all that and more on her website.

Moving Office

the ugly writers
Secrets uncovered. Stones unturned. To decide which item to discard. Which to keep.

Memories of a School

the ugly writers
Being in an abandoned school is a surreal feeling The place where you stood was once occupied by hundreds and thousands of students.

Dark Skies

the ugly writers
A solemn thundery growl came from above. Amongst the darkness, there's light. The light cuts the grey sky in half and shows the world its bravery.

Just Tired

the ugly writers
It seemed like you didn't do much You feel like you should do more But you are just tired You do not know what is making you feel this way.

I don’t want to be your friend but…

the ugly writers
After stepping back and talking to others I then realized that I'm not insane. That I'm not treated how I'm supposed to be treated. I just let you have your way because I treasure your friendship. But you keep doing it over and over again.

The distance sky

We look up to the sun to tell time, While we look up to the sky to get inspiration. The combination of time and sun evokes one’s mind at certain hours.   A shade of ombre orange pierced through the…

On the edge

the ugly writers
That sunken feeling in your stomach The anchor in your heart To be on the verge of crying But yet nothing comes out.

Camping under the stars

the ugly writers
Once in a while, a gush of wind hits the tent and our temporary home shook. The weather forecast predicted that it will be a clear night but as others secure their rain guards, we wonder if we should secure ours too.

In times of confusion, there’s a feather

the ugly writers
The truth is, I lost the feather that I left behind and I can’t seem to forget about it. I know I should fly but why can’t I move, and I can’t stop thinking about it. It is long gone and I’m already gone so why do I still harp on it. Oh, maybe it’s because I can’t stop the course of actions that follow from it.

Almost Unfaithful

the ugly writers
Sometimes I wonder, am I ignoring these signs too much or are you just too friendly. Will you do the same for every other girl?

Fleeting Romance

the ugly writers
The sight of him made my heart skipped a beat. His confidence level made me turn into a damsel in distress. As he playfully grabbed my arms in the middle of the shop, I can't help but think, "I can almost love him."

Scooting our way to Love

the ugly writers
I was still able to remember the adrenaline rush as I swiftly avoid the bumps on the roads while the wind ran through my hair. It was an incredible experienced.