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Sales and Marketing

sales, marketing, company, corporate setting

Death Toll 5: Sales and Marketing. Marketing for a fire suppression system is not a very lucrative job, she thought. Yet there she was on a meeting with project managers and architects and engineers. Two hours have passed and she…

The Window

She was on her second class for the day. The profs were boring at best. Her eyes wandered off at the construction site nearby. This is why she loved sitting beside the window. She started staring at the window since her parents separated. She watched at the window as her dad hailed a cab and left.

The Planner

Death Toll 2 She just did an all-nighter for her first project as an events planner. Things are finally going her way, she thought. Venue, check. Catering, check. Lights and sounds are on their way, as good as a check.…