it's no fun writing pretty.

Missed Shots

the ugly writers
This August theme are poems, essays, and stories of missed opportunities, regrets, and thoughts that hinder us from our full potential.

Breaking Boundaries

the ugly writers
Breaking Boundaries is a call for submission for poems, essays, and short stories that depict times of overcoming hardships, challenges and a previous loss. Breaking Boundaries aim to share small wins, success stories and triumphs to the readers.

Beauty and Chaos

This aims to inspire people that no matter how chaotic life can be, there is always something good to look forward to at the end of the tunnel.

Inner Strength

the ugly writers
Highlight: All of us have a story of greatness. Inspiring stories of a remarkable show of character is what April is all about.

Spend it like you mean it

the ugly writers
I was addicted to gadgets. From smartphones to cameras,  phone accessories to personal computers and gaming consoles. I was in an exciting yet dangerous freefall. I only realized it when I maxed out my credit card.

Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I is a celebration of individuality and self-love. The theme allows us to pause and reflect on our achievements, defeats and on-going conquest to self-understanding.

Black and Blue

Each submission has been carefully curated to provide both writers and readers a melancholic and grim feel as a stark contrast to February's otherwise cheery atmosphere.

Vengeance of Hope

‘What Silrith Alfwyn does know is that she is heir to the throne of Bennvika. What she doesn’t know is that her peaceful world is about to be turned upside down and torn apart.