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theuglywriter is like water. Put water into cup. Water takes the shape of the cup. Put water into bottle. Water takes the shape of an effin bottle.

Focal Point: Chapter One

focal point stalker
When he got to his room, his eyes immediately caught the heart-shaped set of rose petals on his bed. He called up his secretary, Rose, on his phone and asked her who else knew where he is currently staying. Rose replied that aside from management and the two of them, no one else should have an idea.

Spikes and Spices | Of Volleys and Planes

Janah Zaplan
Age and experience do not dictate the readiness of someone to embark on new grounds. Which is why Janah Zaplan, the Millennial Pop Princess, is gearing up for her launching concert, Kaya Ko ‘To at the Music Museum

Alas Kuwatro

Alas kuwarto na ngunit di pa rin tulog Sa aking isip, ika'y laging nahuhubog

The Jumper EZBook 3 Pro

Jumper EZBook 3 Pro the ugly writers
For those wanting a Macbook feel but with the functionality of Windows, this is the best of both worlds. The 6GB Ram adds speed to the already fast storage space via a mix of eMMC and SSD making this specific device beat my Core i5 HP Pavilion

GadgetVerge Audio Xtreme Bluetooth Speaker

gadgetverge the ugly writers
In every adventure we go to, every challenge we accept along the way, it pays to bring the bare essentials. Phone+earphone, laptop, USB charging dock, digicam and video stabilizers are a must-have for travel bloggers and outdoor lovers. or so I thought.

ELYU Fitness Party 2018

La Union Dance by the Beach the ugly writers
Dance by the Beach Fitness Party La Union 2018 promises to be a go-to event this summer slated on April 28, 2018 at  Aureo La Union, San Fernando, La Union.

5 reasons why you should go to the beach

I'm not really a fan of sand on my skin. But the beach gives me a soothing feeling that you deserve the experience. This is not about how much money you spend on your getaway but how much you did before that. This is absolution!


Don't let overthinking and anxiety take the best of you. Let possibilities and positivities surround you.


I remember my childhood I remember vividly how my goals and dreams took shape How my false hopes and ambitions broke me.


I have been binging on White Collar lately (and before that, Person of Interest. And soon, Burn Notice) and I am really hooked. The subplots are equally entertaining as the main storyline. Each episode feels as important as the next. I can't even recall any episode that felt like it was a filler.

COLLABRO Count down to Manila Debut

The hugely-popular four-piece act comprising singers Jamie Lambert, Michael Auger, Matt Pagan and Thomas Redgrave will launch their Asian shows with two concerts in Japan on February 18 and 20 before arriving in the Philippines' capital for the first time.