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The Flowing Sand

the ugly writers
Garnering 4.8 (93%) 5 Star Reviews and 60 copies in a span of  2 weeks, The Flowing Sand by Jon Garcia is a hot must-read from Amazon

The First CBTL 2019 Journal Giveaway

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We recently bought two Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf journals and we are itching to give the first one away for free. All you have to do is to accomplish a small list of tasks. 

Beautypreneur Pregnancy Beauty Secrets Revealed!

the ugly writers
The event’s theme "The Bump Diaries: Pregnancy Beauty 101", was very timely for the pregnant beautypreneur, Antoinette Nisce-Ngo, to share her pregnancy beauty routine. As we all know, many women go into pregnancy expecting to get “losyang”, get breakouts, darker pits & neck, stretch marks and more.


the ugly writers
This is the change we deserved. We deserve every scum in the government by being scums ourselves.

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel

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Dust off that passport and start checking out good spots to spend the weekend or the holiday alone or with a loved one. But before you do so, read our list of 5 reasons why you should travel.

Outsourcing Business Solutions

Instead of spending more resources to look for and interview candidates for full-time positions, outsourcing is presented as a better solution since there is less time and money wasted.

Five Ways to Understanding Yourself

Understanding Yourself
There has been a lot of science regarding understanding one's self. From biological science to social science, the concept has enticed a number of philosophers across time. And it has both eluded and enlightened them.

Focal Point: Chapter One

focal point stalker
When he got to his room, his eyes immediately caught the heart-shaped set of rose petals on his bed. He called up his secretary, Rose, on his phone and asked her who else knew where he is currently staying. Rose replied that aside from management and the two of them, no one else should have an idea.

Spikes and Spices | Of Volleys and Planes

Janah Zaplan
Age and experience do not dictate the readiness of someone to embark on new grounds. Which is why Janah Zaplan, the Millennial Pop Princess, is gearing up for her launching concert, Kaya Ko ‘To at the Music Museum

Alas Kuwatro

Alas kuwarto na ngunit di pa rin tulog Sa aking isip, ika'y laging nahuhubog

The Jumper EZBook 3 Pro

Jumper EZBook 3 Pro the ugly writers
For those wanting a Macbook feel but with the functionality of Windows, this is the best of both worlds. The 6GB Ram adds speed to the already fast storage space via a mix of eMMC and SSD making this specific device beat my Core i5 HP Pavilion