Why we write ugly

Writing has always been a reflection of one’s self. Writing ugly doesn’t necessarily mean one has poor writing skills or is uneducated or unlearned. Instead, writing ugly means that the writer ignores any semblance of form and reason, of aesthetics, and just goes to convey what he/she truly believes in.  Writing ugly is when the […]

Story of Sai Belloan: A Two-Tim...

Sai Belloan, a young lady aged 21, is one of those souls I happened to meet by serendipity in the virtual world of Facebook. A twist of fate, I would like to call it that way. If you check out her FB profile she would strike you as just another normal young woman who likes Games of […]

The Blogger Recognition Award

The Blogger Recognition Award

By theuglywriter

Blogger Award: Blue Sky Tag Cha...

The Blue Sky Tag Challenge: A Blogging Award

By theuglywriter

Blogger Recognition Award

We just got nominated! ❤

Puzzles for the thinking man. D...

The Ugly Writers have stumbled upon a site so unique we insist promoting it for free! It’s true! JSPuzzles is a site like no other! Made out of love, it provides hours of fun and entertainment. The JS Puzzles site offers a myriad of puzzles and difficulty to cater to everyone’s level. Do check their […]

Blogger Spotlight: Confessions ...

Blogger Spotlight featuring Ms. Bea Masaluñga of Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic A. Profile Name : Beatrice Masaluñga Occupation : Registered Nurse URL: https://confessionsofapinaybookaholic.wordpress.com Email Address: beatricemasalunga@gmail.com Twitter Page URL: twitter.com/beamasalunga and twitter.com/immabookaholic GoodReads Page: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/4590441-beatrice-masalu-ga B. Website/Blogsite When The Ugly Writers first started, Binibining E already had her network of awesome bloggers. One of the […]

Blogger Spotlight: Life Coach T...

Blogger Spotlight: Ms. Therese Castro from Life Coach Therese A. Profile Name: Therese Castro Occupation: Student (but is into intuitive coaching and readings, freelancing) URL: lifecoachtherese.com (soon) Email Address: castrother03@gmail.com Facebook Page URL: facebook.com/angelinspirationbytc B. Story In 2015 Therese got into writing when she connected with international groups relating to inspirational discussions and lectures on […]

Blogger Spotlight: The Bae Blog...

Blogger Spotlight featuring The Bae Blogs by Ms. Bae Milanes A. Profile Name: Bae Milanes Occupation: Freelance writer/blogger URL: www.thebaeblogs.com Email Address: bpc_milanes@yahoo.com Facebook Page URL: facebook.com/TheBaeBlogs/ B. Story Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. – Scott Adams What started as a blog for self-expression waaaaay back in […]

Blogger Spotlight: Always be yo...

Blogger Spotlight featuring Ms. Patty Pavia from Always be your Muse A. Profile 1. Name : Patty Pavia 2. Occupation : Associate Publishing Specialist 3. URL : http://pattypavia.tumblr.com 4. Email Address : paviafatima@gmail.com 5. Facebook Page URL : http://facebook.com/alwaysbeyourmuse B. Story Patty is a true writer by heart. Her dream of working in a magazine […]

Blogger Spotlight: The Savvy As...

Blogger Spotlight featuring Ms. Vanesa “Nice” Salcedo from thesavvyaspirant.com A. Profile Name: Vanesa Salcedo Occupation: Real Estate Broker and Appraiser Website: http://thesavvyaspirant.com Email Address: vanananice912@gmail.com  Facebook Fan Page URL: facebook.com/thesavvyaspirant B. Story The lifestyle blogger site first started when Nice was only 13 years old (specifically June of 2009) and it came by the URL http://vannice95.blogspot.com. […]

Bloggers Spotlight

As I think I’ve done some fan service for readers both here and abroad for quite a while, I would like to start up a new segment in my website where I’ll be featuring pinoy bloggers each week and will try to drive a modest promotion on various social media as well. This would entail […]