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Meaningful Perspectives on Life

For some, life can be likened to an educational journey—an unfolding syllabus, a series of lessons, and a final examination. Each individual in the classroom advances at their unique pace. Some may triumph over the arduous assessments, while others may struggle to grasp the teachings.
the ugly writers

Welcome to the Show: 2023 Edition

One nuisance about signing up for new sites is entering my age. I have to scroll back through so many years to find the correct year, it begins to resemble a gas pump in reverse. I watch the numbers as I press on the little arrow and remember.
4 Things to know about Pride Month

Four Things to Know about Pride Month

Worldwide, everyone knows that June is Pride Month. Where we celebrate diversity and inclusivity of every gender. In addition, we voice the injustice and our equal rights in this celebration. Even though prejudice and discrimination in the LGBTQIA+ Community is…

The World of Creating Content in Blogs

Creating content for a brand, business, or corporate is a component of every communication major. As I continue in this industry, I’ve learned that every communication major needs to practice creating new material on a daily basis. Furthermore, generating and…

the ugly writers

D3: The Road to Peace and True Progress

Not all arguments or disagreements are always personal attacks on the creative contributor and even if they start that way, the creative mind knows how to redirect not only the attention of both his opponent and audience but also the discussion’s talking points.