treat the symptom

Treat the Symptom, Ignore the Problem

Nobody chooses to be homeless, sleeping under awnings hoping the rain doesn’t soak everything you own, pressed against the side of a building trying to find a little warmth or relief from the sweltering heat and humidity.

Let’s step up together

Wala ba tayong kakuntetuhan sa mundo. Yung iba todo imbento ng mga sarili nilang proyekto kahit sa totoo eh wala silang balak na itayo ito. Hingi ng budget tapos pagkatapos ano? Tengga.

HIV Awareness: Advocates for Society

HIV/Aids can kill over a hundred of people a year. It can affect anyone regardless of your race, sex, or age. It cannot be seen, treated, readily detected or destroyed.

Future Tellin’ with a Twist of Awe.

The notion of all people being generally good at their core is, questionable at best. The more time passes within the current social order, the more we see that people can’t be so easily categorized.

Ethics First

As one person, it is difficult to resolve all problems, but as one person you, you personally, significant leader, you DO get to set your organisational or corporate culture.

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Blogger Spotlight: The Wise Lark by Karla Mae Cruzado

Get to know The Wise Lark aka Karla Mae Cruzado with the return of The Ugly Writers’ Blogger Spotlight where each blog site is promoted.

Korean National Orders of Merits awarded to Sorok Uni Foundation Founder

Mr. Jang, founder of Sorok Uni Foundation, a non-profit organization working for and with Filipinos affected by Leprosy and homeless urban and rural
poor, was awarded by none other than the President of the Republic of Korea.

Why we write ugly

Writing has always been a reflection of one’s self. Writing ugly doesn’t necessarily mean one has poor writing skills or is uneducated or unlearned. Instead, writing ugly means that the writer ignores any semblance of form and reason, of aesthetics, and just goes to convey what he/she truly believes in.  Writing ugly is when the…

Story of Sai Belloan: A Two-Time Cancer Survivor

Sai Belloan, a young lady aged 21, is one of those souls I happened to meet by serendipity in the virtual world of Facebook. A twist of fate, I would like to call it that way. If you check out her FB profile she would strike you as just another normal young woman who likes Games of…

The Blogger Recognition Award

The Blogger Recognition Award

By theuglywriter

Blogger Award: Blue Sky Tag Challenge

The Blue Sky Tag Challenge: A Blogging Award

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Blogger Recognition Award

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