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D3: The Road to Peace and True Progress

Not all arguments or disagreements are always personal attacks on the creative contributor and even if they start that way, the creative mind knows how to redirect not only the attention of both his opponent and audience but also the discussion’s talking points.

The Strongest Drug

Jermaine Lamarr Cole aka J.Cole, one of the top-selling rappers in the US dropped his album named KOD (Kids On Drugs) on 2018. The album was a hit and surely the songs were relevant ranging from drugs, hard truth, temptations,…

the ugly writers


The world is full of fact and fiction even in antiquity which have been publicly documented, from claims to victory, assassination plots, to religious distortions, and artistic excellence, to name a few.

Pepe 126

Lagi kong sinasabi sa mga estudyante ko na ikaw o ang mga gawa mo yung naging pundasyon ng katipunan. Naging inspirasyon ka sa isang malupit na henerasyon. Na sana ay gamitin pa rin ng mga kabataan ngayon. Rhyming yan olrayt.
the ugly writers

The Basements I’ve Haunted

There is a mannequin in the basement at work. It moves around, it used to startle me. Now I pretend I don’t notice. And it pretends it doesn’t see me. There are ghosts there, and we both pretend not to notice each other. We have reached an uncomfortable impasse.
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Our Journey To Our New Home

This made me realize we are not prepared for this investment. I was not ready at all. But I don’t want to disappoint both myself and my wife so I thought, we gotta do this because we’ve come so far already.
the ugly writers

Hope Springs Eternal

He looked a sad, stooped over, carrying a small, compact parcel of disappointment. Gravity was a little more efficient where his feet fell. He seemed to get shorter with each step.
the ugly writers

An Empire in Decline

It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. Even today, when most of our history as a nation was much closer to oppressor than downtrodden, it makes us blush with unvarnished pride.